Generation Cedar

A Letter to My Daughters About Sexual Harassment & Living Here Right Now

Dear sweet young girls and women, You are strikingly beautiful–inside and out. Our culture values beauty but sometimes they get it wrong. They mistake seductive or sexy or desired for real beauty and it can get really confusing to those of you trying to make your way through it all. There are mildly inappropriate behaviors […]

Raising Daughters of Grace, Beauty and Loveliness

  Loveliness.  Grace.  True Beauty. You recognize it when you see it.  But it’s becoming rare.  And in the insanity of our transgender culture, it’s completely upside down and no doubt, more confusing than ever for those of us trying to wade through the confusion. There was a day, I believe, where women were more cherished […]

Girl Defined: A Ministry for Girls You’ll Love

Meet Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird (sisters), founders of Girl Defined.  They are friends with a very dear friend of mine and she told me about them after speaking at their recent conference “Radical Purity.” They are regular contributors to the ministry of Nancy Leigh DeMoss and have spoken at one of the True Woman […]

The Death of Innocence and Pretty

The sexual revolution has radically, tragically changed us. Lately, I just can’t get over the sexualization of our girls. From Victoria’s Secret’s new, seductive line of lingerie for young girls, to just a general observation, we seem to have lost even the desire to preserve innocence, the once-favorable trait that lent true beauty to women. I […]

Feminine Modesty Can Be Fashionable

It’s time for a talk ladies! Since this post is largely my opinion, you may take it or leave it, or glean whatever you’d like. But I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts about modesty, feminine fashion and possible misunderstandings about those things, especially among conservatives, all while having a little fun. “Set-apart” doesn’t equate […]

Woman as Home Builder: Faithfulness in Modesty

“In the marriage ceremony a woman vows that she will keep herself unto her husband as a woman in all the aspects of womanliness.  She is building a home when her womanliness, her sexuality, is such that not only her husband knows and can safely trust in her, but all the world knows–if they know […]

Getting to the Heart of Modesty

Missy, at Somewhere in the Middle posted a great piece about what modesty means… “Modesty is one of those Jell-O concepts. You try to pick it up, and it squishes fiendishly out between your fingers. 1 Timothy 2:9 commands women to dress modestly, but what does that actually mean when we’re getting dressed in the […]

Unless You’re Near the Water

Upon traversing America in the 1830s, French author and statesman Alexis de Toqueville attributed the extraordinary prosperity and growing greatness of the nation to “the superiority of their women,” who were protected by “punishing rape by death.” Continuing, he noted that “no other crime is judged with the same inexorable severity by public opinion. There […]

Legalism, Again

We’ve been here before; the discussion of legalism. Legalism is the catch word now days meant to tear down any shred of conviction or standards in the believer’s life. Something came to me that I wanted to share… I’ve noticed a common tendency, one I think is a big problem, among the legalist-accusing folks. ALMOST […]

Nakedness Offends Me

A lot of times I just say things before I realize I’ve said them…but this time I didn’t regret it later. My husband treated us to dinner at a local restaurant last night. Imagine the place is divided into two rooms, with a half wall in the middle. One side is the bar, and the […]