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What to Do if You’re Married to a Narcissist

Married to a Narcissist

What to Do if You’re Married to a Narcissist? You may have noticed it’s been a while between the last post in the Narcissist Series and this one. It’s because this is so hard for me to write and also, not everyone will agree with me. This subject has caused a good deal of pain […]

7 Simple Things I’m Doing to Make This Year Better

In no particular order, instead of making new year’s resolutions, I’ve been working on a list of  simple things I’m doing to make this year better. I am a simple girl, I love simple changes and I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by resolutions I know I can’t won’t keep. Health There’s nothing like aging that […]

How Being a Christian Should Change My Home

Loving Your Closest Neighbors at Home Sometimes I need to give myself a good old-fashioned “talkin’ to” and you may as well eaves drop ’cause this is gonna be good. I find it easy to talk about this or that virtue of being a Christian–“be kindly affectionate to one another…”, “in lowliness of mind, let […]

Overcoming Sexual Sins of the Past

Overcoming Sexual Sins of the Past

I received a letter from a reader who was broken about how her past had affected her marriage.  I agonized with her because I felt every pain she expressed.  Although she explained that she was technically a virgin when she married, she had far crossed the line of intimacy with previous boyfriends. Harmless?  That’s what […]

Reflecting the Glory of God as a Woman: Renew Your Mind 20 Minutes a Day

I am going through a growing time, to put it mildly, where the Lord has used several circumstances in my life to bring me to the end of myself, which, though it feels like an awful place to be (especially for a control freak), it’s actually the ONLY safe place to be. The only place […]

Today, Just the Good Stuff. (All-Time Most Popular Posts)

With over 2,000 posts here, I wanted to help direct you to some of the most popular and widely-shared ones. I pray they challenge, encourage and inspire your day! Be sure to share your favorites! Read my all-time most popular post, 7 Misconceptions About Moms of Large Families Raising Children is a Terrible Waste of […]

How to LIVE (and Leave) a LEGACY in Your Home

How to LIVE (and Leave) a LEGACY in Your Home

  How to LIVE and Leave a LEGACY in Your Home Three years ago, two of my best friends and I planned an overnight getaway where we just brainstormed about life with each other. One of our epiphanies was this: We want to leave a real, meaningful legacy behind, and we want to help other […]

5 Things Every Woman Needs to Hear (So I’m Telling You)

There are 5 things every woman needs to hear. In case you don’t have a woman in your life to tell you, let me: You’re not alone. You really, truly aren’t. Whatever you struggle with–discouragement, marital problems, a child who makes you feel like giving up, feelings of being overwhelmed–all other women struggle with those […]

Amazing Web Links for Your Weekend

Amazing Web Links for Your Weekend

  Homeschooling Held Hostage, Heidi St John “Most of us took our children out of public school in search of something more, only to be hijacked by the world’s system—right there on the couches in our living rooms. We’re putting our kids into hyper-academic “homeschooling” programs and we’re allowing the pressure of the “what ifs” […]

Every Good & Perfect Gift…Our Daughter’s Marriage

Raising a child up to leave home is one of the most glorious, painful oxymorons of life. Parents are handed a soft, sweet-smelling, beautiful creature, perfectly helpless and perfectly captivating. They pour their time, love, energy, tears and prayer into that gift and beg the Lord to protect her, lead her, and give her good […]