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God’s Heart Toward Children Part 2

Read Part 1 HERE. Another way our view of children affects the world is that if our thinking about children is not synonymous with His thinking about children, our entire paradigm of parenting is wrong. Did you hear that? We come into parenting with a completely wrong basis for the way we raise our children […]

God’s Heart Toward Children-PART 1

A heart-breaking reality that we have experienced by default of our unusually large family, is that in general, the Church’s ideas about children are essentially the same as those outside. Heart-breaking, I say, because we let a culture that kills 3,500 babies a day in the womb, inform our opinion about children.

How to do the “Hard” in Your Mission Field

There are few ministries or pursuits more noble than the mission field. Any parent is proud to say of his adult child, “My son or daughter is a missionary in _____.” The mission field is one of those places where the harder the conditions, the scarcer the resources, the more seemingly noble the mission. We […]

Do You Feel Sorry For Children Helping Their Siblings?

It was when Kyla, my 8 year-old literally whisked her 2 year-old brother up, after he had a potty accident (which I was cleaning up) to change him, that something profound occurred to me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say something like “those poor older children who have to help […]

My Big Take-Away From Motherhood

About this time last year I wrote raw words about what it’s like having 10 children with the possibility of more. You made it close to your favorite post, sharing it over 10,000 times on facebook alone. “I simply look at each of my children with more love than I can believe my heart will […]

Worldview of Children: Our View Does Change the World

Fertility is a tricky thing…most consider it a private issue with little consequence except how it will affect their family vacations. Unless you encounter a family with more than three children, and then you’re allowed to prod into their sex lives; but I digress. However, it is my particular opinion that NOTHING changed our culture and the […]

Practical Money Saving & Making Ideas for Living on One Income

If you are a mom trying to figure out how to stay home but are concerned about your family’s finances, I want to offer some practical help and suggestions. I used to be one of those women. But guess what? YOU CAN DO IT! I believe three factors are involved in the process of converting to […]

Why I Agreed to Do a National Interview About (Not) Being Quiverfull

Why I Agreed to Do a National Interview

They wanted to tell my perspective, in light of the Duggar’s recent presence in the news, of what it means to be “Quiverfull.” Why I Agreed to Do a National Interview About (Not) Being Quiverfull. My first thought was to decline. Publicity typically doesn’t go well for people and the farther we can stay away […]

Children Are a Handful So Let a Mom Be Tired

Last week we visited with an older lady whom we don’t see very often (not even every year). Not long after we greeted each other, she looked at me and said, “You’re too busy.” I smiled, and jokingly said, “how do you know?” And she pointed to my children and said, “Oh, I know.” Later […]