Generation Cedar

Home: The Center of Making Disciples (Part 6)

Perhaps one of the most tragically overlooked purposes of the home is that of the very gospel—making disciples. John Piper, in This Momentary Marriage, speaks pointedly to this important function of marriage and home: “Marriage Is Meant for Making Children . . . Disciples of Jesus There is a double meaning in that title that I hope […]

John Piper: A Challenge to Women

John Piper posted a 15-point “Challenge to Women” (as well as a list of potential ministry opportunities) that was truly challenging to me.  Oh that we would have a vast army of women realize their potential for the Kingdom! Very powerful.  Here are two of them, and I would encourage you to go and read the rest.  This […]

Biblical Authority: Truth is Not Truth if It’s a Lie

I continue to be utterly heart-broken and dumbfounded as “the new Christianity” re-defines what hitherto the body of Christ has largely agreed were clear, Scriptural principles. I choose for this post as an example, among many of those principles, “authority in marriage”.  And instead of belaboring the point about wrong interpretations, what “headship” really means […]

How Can a Loving God Hate Us in Our Sin?

I would like to leave Mark Driscoll behind, and yet revisit one of his quotes: Read through the end of this post…if you stop short, the gospel will be incomplete. There is a theological point missing from most modern-day pulpits.  A point we don’t like to hear, a point that flies in the face of […]