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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for a Complete (Christian) Education

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James Altucher wrote a counter, jaw-dropping piece entitled, “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Having a Complete Education”, in which he said such antithetical things like: “Let’s take it subject by subject: SCIENCE You actually need to know NOTHING. Biology textbooks are hopelessly outdated. As are physics textbooks. There are better resources online where you can learn faster […]

An Open Letter of Apology to My Former High School Student

Dear Jacob, I taught you in English class when you were eighteen years old and I owe you an apology. In fact, all your teachers do. I bought the lie and I lied to you, and it had a profoundly negative impact on you. I told you that since you weren’t interested in dissecting Shakespeare, you […]

What If Learning Isn’t Anything Like School

Think about it… Ignore, just for a minute, everything you think about school, learning and education. You just had a baby. Probably the most important thing your child must learn is how to communicate. You’re a smart parent so how do you prepare for this most important educational feat? Well first you must find an […]

Socialization: I Do Not Think it Means What You Think it Means

“But they need to be with friends their own age.” Her eyes revealed the earnestness with which she believed her words. She wanted to homeschool, but…. Homeschooling or not, too many parents have a deeply-ingrained belief about peers that is not only incorrect, but extremely damaging. I feel emboldened to say that peer dependency (and […]

Why Homeschooling Stresses You Out & Why it Totally Shouldn’t

  Several hundred years ago, Galileo was not only the laughing stock of mainstream society, he was tortured and imprisoned (for the duration of his life) because he believed that the sun was the center of the solar system. Just typing that sentence makes me shake my head. How could something so clear to us […]

The Secret to Less Stress in Homeschooling (The 3 R’s)

Homeschoolers face a number of stresses. They have to answer neighbors and strangers alike about qualifications, feeling the constant need to prove the effectiveness of homeschooling, though its validation has been long proven. Curriculum choices abound and we are always looking at our homeschooling friends to see how they are doing it, always knowing we […]

Re-Thinking Education: Part 5-Practical Ways to Kindle a Love of Learning

Practical application After asking, are school subjects necessary?, considering how schools kill creativity, discussing the overrated college degree and apprenticeship and the philosophy of ‘school’ vs. ‘education’ , we’re finally ready to talk about some practical way to kindle a love of learning. The most important thing: “So what does educating look like if not like “school?” The good news is, it […]

Re-Thinking Education: Part 4-Kindle a Love of Learning

If you’ve landed here before reading Part 1, 2 or 3 of the “Rethinking Education” series, I highly recommend reading those first. Part 5 will address the “nuts and bolts” of today’s topic. Education and School are not the same. If you have agreed with the authors I’ve featured in this series, and there is something unsettling to you about the “assembly […]