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Mom Hack: Spaghetti Sauce PACKED with Veggies (They Don’t Know!)

Mom Hack: Spaghetti Sauce PACKED with Veggies

A few months ago, our family began a different way of eating. Most of you have probably heard of the Mediterranean Diet (again, not really a diet, but way of eating.) It's doctor recommended for heart health, losing weight and overall health benefits. So far we are enjoying this way of eating. To be fair, we ...

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Overcoming Beauty Obsession: My Confession (Why I Had to Apologize to My Kids)

Overcoming Beauty Obsession: My Confession (Why I Had to Apologize to My Kids)

Getting Real  I'm about to just lay it out there. Transparent. All the ugly. The Lord really convicted me, all of a sudden, late one night. And I want to share it with you because I know I'm not the only one who struggles. Pressure From Culture It's hard being a woman. It's even harder when you live in ...

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How To Tackle the New Year When You Want to Do ALL THE THINGS at Once (Practical Steps)

Type A. Dreamer. Visionary. Whatever you call it, I'm one of those. Are you? (Long lines kill you a little inside. Patience: not your super power. To everything there is a purpose. Otherwise, what's the point? (There's isn't one, see?) )

It has its perks, but oh boy, does it have its pitfalls too. Like wishing your vision of ...

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Saying Goodbye to Our Skin Product Business

It's with a bit of sadness that I must announce "Nurtured by Nature", our homemade skin product business, is closing, after six years of operation.

The business was really one of the seeds that prompted me to begin this blog so that makes it especially sentimental to me. The Lord has been so gracious as he ...

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Balancing Your Life: Healthy, Happy Homemaker


Balancing Your Life: Healthy, Happy Homemaker
I wanted to wrap up the "Balancing Your Life Series" with some inspiration and resources to inspire you.

I don't think there can be balance in your life without talking about balancing your responsibilities as a homemaker with physical and emotional health.

I can have all my homemaking ducks in a row ...

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Easy Health for Busy Moms–Get the Introductory Price!

It's here!

Easy Health for Busy Moms
"Balancing Time, Money & Good Sense"
It's an easy-to-read, dense Ebook full of nutritional facts, health "short-cuts", recipes and simple suggestions and reminders to help the busy mom improve her and her family's health without radical diet changes!

What are the top 12 super foods you need to be eating?

What one, simple ...

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Raw, Healthy Snack

snack 028

Lately we've been trying to improve our health through nutrition--juicing some, adding some things to our diet and removing some things.

I'm a "snacker" most of the day, so inspired by my neighbors, I set out to create a snack that satisfies my sweet craving but is healthy enough to eat all I want ­čśÇ

I've come ...

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Let Your Kids Eat Dirt

My Dad told me of a report he had heard about the natural immune-building results of kids being exposed to a fair share of germs...namely, eating dirt.  I've been feeling this to be true for a while.  We are really lax about germs.  Not that I don't bathe in hand-sanitizer as I leave our local ...

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Organize Your Life After the Holidays!

It's no coincidence that the approach of a new year finds us making resolutions, new goals and priorities. There is just something so motivating about coming out of December--with all the stress behind you...but the mess still with you. You're still suffering from a sugar high and you know this is the time ...

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Population Control Through Tetanus Vaccine

Reports have been widely revealed that a population control "program" in some countries has been implemented--unbeknown to its citizens-- which laces a free tetanus vaccine with an abortifacient level of hCG hormone.  In a nutshell, young women are being given a vaccine--repeatedly--that makes them infertile or causes multiple miscarriages.
"A BBC documentary reported that women in ...

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