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10 Ways Economic Hardship Can Benefit a Family

Prosperity equals advantage. Do you believe that? I am fascinated with the irony of this mentality most Americans hold dear.  Maybe even more so since I hear often, as a mother of nine, about “affording all those children.” All of us believe, somewhere deep within, that to prosper financially puts us at an advantage. And […]

How We Keep Our Children From Becoming Their Best (Without Even Realizing It)

We Devastate Children with “The Box” The Box I believe one of the most horrific, detrimental things we have done to children, which they carry into adulthood as it shapes their very destiny, is our creation of “the box” in which we regard everyone in it normal and everyone outside of it not normal. My […]

Easy, Cheap, Homemade Gift/Product Idea for Your Entrepreneurs (Canvas Pillows)

When my daughter got married, we used two large, canvas curtains for decoration. The cheapest solution was a painter’s drop cloth. (Harbor Freight (on line) was the cheapest place I found them, and right now, they’re on sale for $16.49 for a 9 x 12 piece.) Also, I googled for a coupon code and found this one for […]

Raising Entrepreneurs: Kids Starting Businesses

There are several reasons we encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in our family. Briefly, because there is freedom and variety in it, and unlimited opportunity, allowing a person to do what he or she is good at and loves. And, entrepreneurs turn the machine–they are leaders. And it even goes beyond that: even if our children […]

How to Make Soap: A Homeschool Lesson

Our skin product business was born out of adversity (you can read our story here), as are a lot of other business ideas. About two years into making and selling our products on-line, we simply got too busy, and decided to outsource our work to a wonderful, sweet family we’ve known for many years. Since […]

I Was a Brain-Washed School Teacher (Raising Entrepreneurs)

This might possibly be one of the most encouraging things you’ve ever watched, especially if you have a child who struggles with school, or doesn’t “fit the mold”, or hates math. 😉 Understanding the fact that different kids have different bents has escaped mainstream thought. I think one of the most harmful things the conventional […]

Overview of Family Enterprise

An excellent overview of the family economy and the way the Industrial Revolution changed families: “In early American history (and indeed much of world history), most business enterprises were family businesses with fathers working together with wives and children, where the fathers and mothers not only passed along skills, but also shepherded their children while […]

Raising Entrepreneurs, Raising Leaders

We have been carefully defining “education” and implementing a “life-learning” educational paradigm for a while now.  This year, we’re kicking it up a notch. Besides our basic 3 R’s, fundamental to any life pursuit, we are studying entrepreneurship as our focal subject.  Using a combination of inspiration (reading stories of other young entrepreneurs, casting a vision for […]