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Weddings, Getting Older, Navigating a Large Family & God’s Goodness

I keep saying I want to get back to  regular posting here (and I am!) but boy life has been busy in our corner of the world! We married not one, but two kids off this year, within a matter of about 75 days! Our daughter, Avalee, met her husband, Joel, at a music camp […]

What is Love? (“I Didn’t Love My Wife When We Got Married”)

I can’t think of a belief more ingrained in our nature than the ours about love. The emotions that run high in a new relationship are so much a part of our “love paradigm” that if they weren’t there, the idea of continuing that relationship would be ludicrous. Emotions have their place. But not nearly […]

Marriage: Preparing Sons

A reader mentioned that she hears a lot about preparing daughters for marriage, but not much about sons.  While we haven’t yet walked through marriage  We’ve walked through marriage one, and we desire, even now, to prepare both our sons and daughters for the monumental event of marriage. I think it is worth noting, though […]

Husband and Wife–One Flesh

(Disclaimer:  Though I mentioned bank accounts in this post, I didn’t really intend for the focus to be there; I’m not trying to make a firm statement about whether or not couples should have separate bank accounts.  It was really just an example (that I think could have many exceptions) to illustrate a tangible element […]

It’s Not Really About Kissing

I sparked this dating discussion with thoughts about waiting until marriage to kiss; the heart of the matter, though, has little to do with kissing, but rather taking a whole new look at the error of the cultural dating system, why it’s flawed and understanding the alternative. Several commenters already hit on this important point–THE […]

The Dating Game: Should Christians be Kissing Before Marriage?

Should Christians be Kissing Before Marriage

It’s one of my most passionate topics (no pun intended)–the debate over America’s system of recreational dating.   I’ll say upfront, that this is a topic I am burdened about as it relates to Christians; many find my stance absurd, and I would fully expect that unbelievers would as well, so if your comment is simply […]

Can Homeschooling Improve Marriage?

“The sting of that “all-American dating system” was painful enough to jar us to our senses, and make us do whatever it took to keep these precious children entrusted to us out of the same filthy pit.” It’s rather timely that the last two posts–one about the harm of intimate relationships before marriage, and the […]

Preserving Their Purity

Even though I’ve touched on this subject before, it is, perhaps, one of the closest to my heart, and one I think the Christian community is desperate to hear. We have all but abandoned the idea of true purity in the upbringing of our children, even laughing and scorning the “extreme” ideas when they are […]

Overpopulation–Did God Think of it?

Claire brings up a good, thought-provoking discussion…one we ought to follow through to an answer. “Be fruitful and multiply”…no wait, overpopulation. This subject, for me, is one more reason to trust the sovereignty of God. Why? Just like other variables (affording children, health, etc.), our limited wisdom insufficient to make life-altering decisions based on circumstances […]