Generation Cedar

Mom Hack: Spaghetti Sauce PACKED with Veggies (They Don’t Know!)

A few months ago, our family began a different way of eating. Most of you have probably heard of the Mediterranean Diet (again, not really a diet, but way of eating.) It’s doctor recommended for heart health, losing weight and overall health benefits. So far we are enjoying this way of eating. To be fair, […]

Cheap, Easy Meals for Large Families (Or Small Ones): Apple/Sausage Stir Fry

I personally love to come across a cheap and easy meal (I’m partial to the one or two dish kind), especially here in my late pregnancy where simplifying life is important. Last night we cooked up this meal (although the picture isn’t mine–we forgot, but it’s close to what it looked like). It took me […]

Put Your Kitchen on a Budget

I know this isn’t rocket science (I’m really late to the serious food budget game.) Hoping it will be encouraging though. The grocery budget is one of the most variable household expenses. For that reason, it is the place where our diligence, planning and “looking well to the ways of our household” can benefit the […]