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It doesn’t matter when Christ was actually born. It doesn’t matter if the origins of Christmas began as a pagan holiday or commemorated a pagan practice. It doesn’t matter if we open gifts, drink egg nog (the real kind) or decorate a tree. The reason none of that matters is because of two things: REDEMPTION & REMEMBRANCE. That […]

The Secret of Christmas That Makes Sense of Our Suffering

During this Advent season, we eagerly anticipate the celebration of our Savior’s birth. But for some, they don’t feel like celebrating for various reasons. And probably, any adult reading this is enduring some kind of trial or hardship. But if we look closer at the history and the story surrounding Christ’s birth, there is so […]

How to Make an Easy, Cheap Personalized Gift–Printed Cutting Boards–or Buy Them

I wanted to let you know about a new business I’ve just started and am just tickled about! Bamboo & Burlap is the way to send your favorite people (including yourself!) a personalized cutting board–I’ll ship them a one-of-a-kind, charming gift! It’s becoming really popular with realtors or anyone who routinely buys gifts for their clients. A useful, personalized […]

Christmas Thoughts and a Fun, Unique, Homemade Gift With an Offer For You

I pray you all are enjoying this blessed season of Advent, anticipating the celebration of Christ’s birth and enjoying making memories with friends and family. We, too, are seeking to find the beauty and joy in the simplicity of living–things like savoring the smell of cinnamon and deliberating soaking up moments of two-year-old sweetness, that […]

My Favorite, SUPER Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

My all-time favorite gift to give that is both extremely inexpensive as well as useful and personal is personalized stationary made on your computer. I bought a 50-pack of blank note cards using a 40% coupon at the price of $4.49. I made 7 sets out them bringing each gift to a price of $.64. […]

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas (Ways We Saved One Year When We Were Broke)

And when I say “broke”, I mean looking-under-cushions-for-change-to-buy-gas broke. Stockings. I bought an old, torn quilt at our local thrift store for $5 and made 6 or 7 vintage-style, adorable stockings. At the time I didn’t even have a sewing machine and sewed them by hand. It’s funny to realize how desperate I must have […]