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The Power of Gathering Around the Table: Beyond Hospitality

Gathering Around the Table A once-almost sacred event, carefully guarded from distractions, is almost just a relic in American memory. Perhaps we have lost our understanding of its importance, consequently giving our allegiances to other activities which leave no time for the family dinner hour. Admittedly, we have begun to struggle with this as sports […]

Weddings, Getting Older, Navigating a Large Family & God’s Goodness

I keep saying I want to get back to  regular posting here (and I am!) but boy life has been busy in our corner of the world! We married not one, but two kids off this year, within a matter of about 75 days! Our daughter, Avalee, met her husband, Joel, at a music camp […]

Help My Friends Find Their Child Through Adoption

Is every Christian called to adopt? I’ve heard some say “yes.” While I don’t agree with that 100%, I DO believe all Christians are called to “care for the orphans and widows” in whatever capacity God calls them to do that. And for that reason, I wanted to share an opportunity to do just that. […]

The Best Homeschool Christian History Curriculum (That Takes No Work for You!)

A woman studying, looking up with a smile while she thinks

The Best History Curriculum for Homeschooling High School We have used Compass Classroom for several of our high school kids. It is by far one of my favorite homeschooling resources! The material is accurate, interesting and so easy to use. Click on the banner to see a sample of their American History curriculum, and I’ll […]

Best Christian Parenting Books

Recommended Christian Parenting Books for Every Stage These are some of the best Christian parenting books, in my opinion, and a must-read for every parent. If you are looking to grow in your relationship with the Lord and become a better equipped Christian parent, make these books a part of your library! Parenting “In the […]

Homemaking: Building a Home Builds the Kingdom

Building a home, building people, building the Kingdom–this is the profound task we’ve been called to–commanded and privileged to do! Rebekah Merckle is fantastic at revealing the enormous scope of what it means to be a woman who glorifies the Lord in her calling, making everything better, and using all the gifts and opportunities he’s […]

The Secret of Christmas That Makes Sense of Our Suffering

During this Advent season, we eagerly anticipate the celebration of our Savior’s birth. But for some, they don’t feel like celebrating for various reasons. And probably, any adult reading this is enduring some kind of trial or hardship. But if we look closer at the history and the story surrounding Christ’s birth, there is so […]

Serving Family: The Obvious, Missed Opportunity

In the third (and possibly last) of the series on serving, I can’t fail to talk about the most obvious–our home and family. And because it’s the most obvious, it’s the most overlooked. If Jesus said that serving was the most important human act and will receive a great reward, how can service to our […]

How to Serve a Struggling Mom

In our quest to do the most important thing–SERVE–we can’t overlook the overwhelmed mom. Most often she is a young mom with small children, but older moms have their own, different share of overload and stress, and desperately need encouragement too. Verbal Encouragement One of the greatest gifts you can give a struggling mom is […]