Generation Cedar

Baby Zane is Born!

We are so excited and grateful to the Lord for the arrival of Zane Emory! After heading toward the hospital Sunday night around 11, contractions let up and we turned around and came home, grabbing a few hours of sleep and then heading back around 3:30 am. (Deciding when to go was tortuous for me […]

My Big Take-Away From Motherhood

About this time last year I wrote raw words about what it’s like having 10 children with the possibility of more. You made it close to your favorite post, sharing it over 10,000 times on facebook alone. “I simply look at each of my children with more love than I can believe my heart will […]

Worldview of Children: Our View Does Change the World

Fertility is a tricky thing…most consider it a private issue with little consequence except how it will affect their family vacations. Unless you encounter a family with more than three children, and then you’re allowed to prod into their sex lives; but I digress. However, it is my particular opinion that NOTHING changed our culture and the […]

To My Friend Who Has no Babies

I’m reading a book now that you’ll be hearing much more about in the coming days, because simply put, it’s one of the best, most rejuvenating things I’ve read in a long while. If you are a woman, go buy Lady Like, by Rebekah Curtis & Rose Adle. You’ll be happy you did. One of […]

Why I Agreed to Do a National Interview About (Not) Being Quiverfull

Why I Agreed to Do a National Interview

They wanted to tell my perspective, in light of the Duggar’s recent presence in the news, of what it means to be “Quiverfull.” Why I Agreed to Do a National Interview About (Not) Being Quiverfull. My first thought was to decline. Publicity typically doesn’t go well for people and the farther we can stay away […]

Children Are a Handful So Let a Mom Be Tired

Last week we visited with an older lady whom we don’t see very often (not even every year). Not long after we greeted each other, she looked at me and said, “You’re too busy.” I smiled, and jokingly said, “how do you know?” And she pointed to my children and said, “Oh, I know.” Later […]

Amazing Web Links for Your Weekend

Amazing Web Links for Your Weekend

  Homeschooling Held Hostage, Heidi St John “Most of us took our children out of public school in search of something more, only to be hijacked by the world’s system—right there on the couches in our living rooms. We’re putting our kids into hyper-academic “homeschooling” programs and we’re allowing the pressure of the “what ifs” […]

How the World’s Hatred of Babies May Affect you More Than Anything Else

Jonathan Last, author of What to Expect When  No One’s Expecting, wrote America’s Baby Bust, one of the most insightful, educational pieces on the effects of a population that doesn’t value babies and life. As a mom of a large family, I have, perhaps, a heightened awareness of the temperature of the culture’s and even my community’s  attitude toward […]