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I’m Not Raising a Family (The Problem With Short-Sighted Living)

Listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify or Youtube People are tired, frustrated, bored or discouraged. You can see it, hear it, feel it. What’s more, you might be one of those people. We all are at some point. And I think I know why: Because we measure our contentment by today’s work. We live short-sighted lives–living for […]

Children According to Jesus: If You Want to See the Kingdom

We view children backwards.  Jesus’ disciples did too… “Jesus, tell them to take their children away–they’re interfering.” (paraphrased, of course). Jesus said, “Do not forbid the children to come unto me for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” And in other places He said, “Unless you humble yourselves and become as one of these […]

Dear Christian: You Can’t Be For the Great Commission & Against Growing Families

When you’ve written at the same spot for 11 years, sometimes you think you’ve said all the things. But then again, unless people are digging into the archives, some things bear repeating. So hear goes part of my heart… I recently listened to a Voddie Baucham sermon that reminded me of the Christian’s double standard […]

Why Did You Have So Many Children?

Faith is an oddly phenomenal thing. I remember reading the biography of George Mueller as a child, and wishing deeply, I could have that kind of faith. Faith believes what we cannot see. That’s it. So early in our marriage, we wanted to trust God and we wanted to be consistent in our belief in […]

The Church’s Opinion of Children is One of its Greatest Weaknesses

I have a big beef with a large majority of Christian thinking and every now and then, the hornet’s nest gets kicked again and so, here we are. First, let me tell you the story that prompted me to address this topic again. A young couple with whom we are friends attend a smallish, typical conservative […]

We Need More Arrows: Christians & The Kingdom

The question of having children, fertility, birth control, which I fear, too few Christians have really wrestled over, is not about combing through Scripture to find all the evidence for or against allowing God to be sovereign over the womb. It’s not about concluding that “God gives us the wisdom to decide” and then breathing […]

God’s Heart Toward Children Part 2

Read Part 1 HERE. Another way our view of children affects the world is that if our thinking about children is not synonymous with His thinking about children, our entire paradigm of parenting is wrong. Did you hear that? We come into parenting with a completely wrong basis for the way we raise our children […]

God’s Heart Toward Children-PART 1

A heart-breaking reality that we have experienced by default of our unusually large family, is that in general, the Church’s ideas about children are essentially the same as those outside. Heart-breaking, I say, because we let a culture that kills 3,500 babies a day in the womb, inform our opinion about children.

Postpartum Life

Postpartum life is not as fun at 43 than I remember at a younger age. (Although having a little baby in the house is!) But the upside is that I’ve had enough babies to expect and prepare for the crazy roller coaster of hormones that is my life after giving birth. I just thought it’d […]

Baby Zane is Born!

We are so excited and grateful to the Lord for the arrival of Zane Emory! After heading toward the hospital Sunday night around 11, contractions let up and we turned around and came home, grabbing a few hours of sleep and then heading back around 3:30 am. (Deciding when to go was tortuous for me […]