Generation Cedar

The Only Thing About Parenting That Matters-Part 1

All the little people you see running around–in your own house, at the grocery store, at the ball park–they are going to be leading this nation in about 25 years. I know, scary isn’t it. Our culture, in a word, is so short-sighted and self-absorbed that we are breeding our own detriment, and teaching our […]

Having Babies & Birth Control: Man’s Wisdom or God’s Sovereignty?

This excerpt from a recent comment left by a reader on an earlier post (How Far Does Human Wisdom Go) gives opportunity to expound on some things regarding God’s wisdom versus man’s wisdom. Interestingly enough, her apparent anger comes as a surprise to me, considering that the post she commented on was very “questioning” in […]

Birth Control and the Hard Stuff….

It inevitably comes up, whenever there is a discussion of birth control, the question of the rare cases…the cases where the mother is sick, or has been told if she gets pregnant her child will be born with a birth defect, or some similar hardship. Please understand, that I want to be sensitive to those […]

Focus on the Family–"Unplanned Pregnancies"

Focus on the Family aired a two-part series last week entitled “Hope in the Midst of Unexpected Pregnancies”. With all due respect (I generally like Dr. Dobson, even despite some of his liberal stands ;-), I’m sure they aired the show for the purpose of encouraging women. No doubt many women in our day experience […]

Crying Out for More Children?

As I swooned with dizziness and nausea from my sixth pregnancy, my 6-year old son, in his childish excitement, asked, “Mommy, can you have twins? Because I can’t decide if I want a girl or a boy, so I just want both.” Able to manage a chuckle, I secretly thought, “What would I do with […]

Does God See a Life Before Conception?

One of the major arguments for the common practice of birth control among believers who are opposed to abortion is that preventing a life that does not yet exist is completely different than taking one. And scientifically speaking, I agree. In this short post, I just wanted to throw out a thought for consideration. I […]

A Wake-up Call to the Christian Church

Christians claim to be pro-life. We protest, attend rallies, and write to our congressmen. I think it is far more accurate to say that the church is anti-abortion, not pro-life. To claim to be pro-life assumes that one loves life…every life, believing that each life is a gift from God. It’s easy to write that […]

What God Calls Holy

In their book So Much More, Elizabeth and Anna Sophia Botkin boldly proclaim the truth on many prevalent subjects, but I wanted to quote from their book a comment on having children. This was an answer to the common deception that “children are a big expense and a big inconvenience if they are born at […]

Birth Control: Killing Women, Killing Babies?

Based on the recent post about negative health effects of birth control, and positive health effects of having children and breast feeding, I wanted to provide some evidence for our readers. There are many websites and sources that provide information about these topics. But I will provide a few below that I thought were easy […]