Generation Cedar

A Wanted Child

“You were such a wanted child.” Gathered around by a few, soft lights with some of our closest friends, we wished little Cooper a happy 8th birthday by speaking a short blessing over his upcoming year. It was a sweet time, and I left with his mother’s words echoing in my heart…. “You were such […]

Abortion Brings Deeper Hurt to Women

I wanted to post this video for one reason…while pro-choice advocates love to rake the pro-life advocates over the coals for “not caring about women”, it is so important that the truth continues to be told–abortion–the “quick fix for hurting women”, (not to mention the undeniable murder of life)  leaves women in a much worse […]

Overpopulation and Environmental Lies

A reader (thank you Beth) sent me a link to the article “Two Children Should Be Limit” which made me nauseated to read it, and then angry to ponder. It’s difficult to “rope my thoughts together” cohesively because there is so much foolishness in this way of thinking, and so many ways to refute it. […]

Should He Have Been Aborted?

Starkly contrasted against the backdrop of our culture of death, is a remarkable, unbelievable story–a breath of fresh air. I saw the movie years ago, and yesterday, we started reading the book May’s Boy again. If you’ve not read it, DO. It is hands-down the most inspiring and miraculous story I’ve ever heard. May received […]

Japanese Urged to "Go Home & Multiply"….America’s Hair-Brained Plans to Increase Contraception Funding

(Warning: Fire extinguisher may be needed.) In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., defended huge sums of money for “family planning services” tucked into President Obama’s proposed economic stimulus package, claiming contraception will reduce government costs. “…contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.” […]

Our Culture of Death Makes Way for Life!

As Obama quickly pushes his social agendas to the forefront–gay and abortion rights, specifically. I pause, sadly, and reflect on a deep truth. Everything that opposes God opposes life. We are a culture of death–it’s official. And though abortion is an obvious sign of that, there are many other clues that resemble a more subtle […]

Is Birth Control the Church’s Business?

Every time, raising the subject of children raises the subject of birth control. And that raises the subject of “why does it matter?” as well as the subject of “is it anybody’s business?” I’m never able to discuss the blessing of children without the subject crossing over into the details of birth control. And I […]

Unless You’re Near the Water

Upon traversing America in the 1830s, French author and statesman Alexis de Toqueville attributed the extraordinary prosperity and growing greatness of the nation to “the superiority of their women,” who were protected by “punishing rape by death.” Continuing, he noted that “no other crime is judged with the same inexorable severity by public opinion. There […]

Limiting Children Based on IQ?

UPDATE: Per a few concerned readers, this is NOT any official reporting. It is just a question posted on a Yahoo forum. Nevertheless, the reason I posted it here is because history has repeatedly proven how “absurd” practices creep into our culture. One thing leads to another, left unchecked. The atrocities our country is experiencing […]

Abortifacient Proof

I thought this information from Mrs. Sara worthy of notice. (I don’t mean to be “a lazy and unscholarly student” 😉 So maybe this helps some of you who also do not have the time to do any extensive research at the moment on the abortifacient properties of birth control pills. Thanks Mrs. Sara! “I’d […]