Generation Cedar

“At large, we seem to be a people drawn to distraction and away from what makes life “life”. Is it our nature, or is it the enemy that seeks to steal, kill and destroy?

I am slow to add technology to my life for fear of more distraction. There is a subtle danger, I think, in giving the world constant, instant access to every hour of our day….”

Join me for the rest at Raising Homemakers.

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  1. Hi Kelly,

    I tried commenting on your political post but wasn’t able to so am writing here 🙂 Thank you for your post about voting…I haven’t voted yet as I’ve been on the fence as to whether Romney would be a good choice like the majority of the country seems to think. I’m leaning toward the Constitution Party (based upon my conscience and my own research) and realize what others say that a third party would not succeed but it is the party I desire to lead this country. Thank you for your truth-filled blog posts and for taking the tough stand!


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