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To raise breast-cancer awareness and encourage women to get early mammograms, yesterday Facebook users posted a number of “cutesie” reminders, including the color of their bra.

So I scratch my head and wonder, again, why we don’t propagate something a little more useful and, um, sensible, something that may actually have a real effect on lessening cases of breast cancer.

And I know I have a blaring flaw when it comes to “lightening up”, but I see everything in connectedness; five seconds after hearing about the “bra-color craze” I had  traced back to the woes of how the Industrial Revolution is tied to the increase of breast cancer…I can’t help it.

But seriously, one of the main preventions of breast cancer is having babies, menstruating less (i.e. pregnant more) and breast feeding.  It’s not rocket science why we’ve seen a dramatic increase in breast cancer over the last 60 or so years.  But nobody’s saying, “if you want to reduce your risk of breast cancer, have more babies, and stay home so you can breast feed them”. (Because let’s face it, that opens the discussion to a whole lot of cause and effect that we don’t want to talk about.)  Well, I just said it.

And I know women who have had several babies, breast fed them all and sadly, still got breast cancer;  I’m not discrediting early detection.  Notice I said it would “reduce” the rate, and I believe scientific evidence proves that.  So, how cool would it be if we started some Facebook group craze about these facts?  Any ideas?  I’m game!

And for many more fabulous benefits of breast feeding, follow the link below:

“We know that breastfeeding drastically reduces the risk of developing breast cancer. For this reason alone, it is worth committing to breastfeed.” Nature’s Brilliant Plan:  Fact About Breastfeeding

Update:  You can now join “Breast Cancer:  Awareness That Makes A Difference”

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  1. I’ll be sharing this on my Facebook, where I’ve already ruffled a few feathers because, like you said, I have a issue with “lightening up”. But, seriously, how is sharing the color of your bra (or lack thereof as some women have displayed) and then trying to keep it a secret from our male counterparts going to help? Men get breast cancer too! And when their loved ones have it, do they not suffer as well?? So would it not make more sense to organize something they can be part of as well than to do something that isn’t much more mature than passing notes in class in high school and shhhh!don’t tell the boys! sort of antics? Maybe I am seeing too much into it, but I am one of those Christians that can’t just do something because it’s for a good cause. Is it something my Lord would approve of? Would I play this game in church? Or, if the Lord were standing next to me in the flesh, would He be honored by me sharing the color of my undergarments? The men will find out, especially now that it’s made the news. Are we modest enough that it’s going to bother us when someone else’s husband realizes that is what we’re talking about? It’s just foolishness to me. There are better ways to raise awareness. My 2 cents, lol.

  2. Kelly, you are right, it is not rocket science, but it seems that very few women desire to do that which is natural for a woman to do. Having babies, nursing them. That is why God made us the way that He did. Is this what scripture refers to when it speaks of turning away from what is natural? I can’t wrap my mind around not wanting children. I love being a mother, I love being home with my babies, and I thank God for giving me those desires!

  3. I am so glad you posted this. In addition to not embracing God’s plan for married women (breastfeeding and such), so many women, who are sporting these pink ribbons, are continuing to take pills (birth-control and estrogen supplements) that are proven to contribute to breast cancer.

    We have been very deceived, and need to stop ignoring God’s call for us to return to His way. Only then will we be healthy and happy.

    I, too, see the need to bring awareness to this “cure” for breast cancer, and I am interested in participating in whatever you have in mind- perhaps starting a FB group or fan club of some sort?

    1. So if women don’t have babies and nurse, they’re not following God’s plan and may get cancer? Don’t think so.

      1. Jennifer,

        You need to learn to *read* what is being suggested instead of acting in defense.

        Misty comment implies that God created a “plan” for feeding babies. He did. He did not create bottles or formula, though those things can be useful at times.

        Generally speaking, women who breast feed (a.k.a. “God’s plan”) get breast cancer less often. That’s what science is telling us.

        And yes, there is a slippery slope of women who rush to the work force who never even consider breast feeding (a.k.a. don’t give “God’s plan” a second thought).

        So by deductive reasoning, abandoning “the plan” CAN lead to increased risk of cancer.

        It’s not meant as a tsk tsk to women, but rather a candid observation.

        1. Yes, sometimes I do, Kelly. But this comment “We have been very deceived, and need to stop ignoring God’s call for us to return to His way. Only then will we be healthy and happy” was incredibly plain.

  4. Hi Kelly, I feel the same as you about the FB bra craze. Silly if you ask me and misses the point. Yes, breastfeeding and pregnancy are a very helpful part of reducing breast cancer, but food, real food, is also a huge part, and it’s daily. We have watched some awesome documentaries lately including “The Beautiful Truth” (a homeschool documentary project), “Food Matters” and a host of others. They have been very helpful in seeing that so much of what we are putting in our bodies is killing us. A bit off subject but it’s fresh in my mind!

  5. I thought the bra color thing was silly as well. In fact, my status for the day was

    “Sorry but I don’t see how telling the color of your “unmentionables” helps the breast cancer cause? They’re called unmentionables for a reason! Call me a prude…It sounds like something some teenage boy thought up for kicks…” I had one friend out of 94 that agreed.

    So add me to the “needs to lighten up” crowd!

  6. I don’t care if women post their bra color, but I wouldn’t do it. I just ignore those statuses and appreciate the fact that I know a lot of those women truly are only trying to help breast cancer awareness. I have seen some women going around crusading on those ladies statuses telling them how wicked they are for posting it. I think that is wrong.

    In fact, because everyone knows that my husband is very much ALL male, he put a color up just to freak out his friends. It worked lol.

  7. Concerning, breast cancer and helpful information to avoid it, you should get Ty Bolinger’s book, Cancer: Step Outside the Box. It’s an excellent read! 🙂

  8. I couldn’t figure out what all the colour postings were all about. Some of us are a little slow catching on:) I agree with you Kelly. My husband often says they should ask how many woman use the contraceptive pill that has been known to cause ovarian cancer for one and rather encourage people to stop using it and those cancer numbers will decrease.

  9. Gabby,

    That is very interesting given the facts that several readers have mentioned about the link between breast cancer and oral contraceptives–I did not know that. And yet, I’m not surprised. There are so many things that do not make sense…it’s what happens in a society that abandons wisdom that is from above.

  10. In the book I mentioned, Mr. Bolinger talks about how bras, mammograms and deodorant can all lead to breast cancer.

  11. read your bra article and did chuckle. I participated in the color thing. But going thru and being a survivor,it was interesting to see who revealed colors. I know there are other ways to make Breast Cancer awareness more known such as word of mouth, wear pink, the cute pink ribbon, ect,ect. Thanks for the inspiring words. God has allowed me to stay home with my children when they were younger and am all for breastfeeding! Its the natural way.

  12. “In the book I mentioned, Mr. Bolinger talks about how bras, mammograms and deodorant can all lead to breast cancer”

    What, are you joking? I can’t use deodorant, wear bras, or get mammograms? I think I’ll stick to my female doctor.

  13. Very good comments above. As an 8-year breast cancer survivor, I wasn’t aware of a lot of the above information prior to my diagnosis. I was married later in life, had our daughter when I was “older” and was unable to breastfeed. I had yearly mammograms, but found the lump myself. In fact, I had a mammogram in October, and found the lump in Jan. When I had the biopsy, it was discovered I had two tumors – one was behind the other. While there is a lot we can do to lower our risks, sometimes you can do all the “right” things, and still have a diagnosis of breast cancer. Additionally, while I have a responsibility to care for my body and to do my part, God holds my life in His hand. God bless you, and thank you for letting me share my thoughts:).

  14. Very good post. I find myself in agreement with you on most issues. I have been reading your blog for a while, but this is the first time I have commented. I posted this my Facebook also. Awareness on how to prevent breast cancer is far more effective than than the silliness of posting underwear details.

  15. Kelly,while I didn’t see the FB display, I’ve honestly felt that so much of the “awareness” talk we hear, and the ribbons we see displayed have little or no substance. As I approach the 2-year mark since my diagnosis, and look back on what I’ve learned in that time I would have to say the Industrial Revolution brought a two-fold negative impact regarding women’s health: use of birth control,having fewer babies and eating much lower quality foods. While Christians should be the most educated people,and cautious with our bodies, as our bodies were bought with the blood of our Savior, we must also recognize, as Sue stated, that He is completely sovereign over all. Our Loving Father certainly filters all that touches His little lambs through gracious hands. I cannot question the cancer He allowed to come into my life, but I believe one of the things He’s teaching me through this is to actively seek wisdom from Him in how I care for my body and the bodies of my children.
    Thanks for posting this, Kelly. I’ve also greatly enjoyed the recent posts about the importance of really focusing on motherhood.
    Much love, Beth.

  16. Beth,

    Thank you so much for your wise words….as we talked together when we had the chance to meet, you resounded what I hope people hear–God is sovereign, and ultimately, He holds our health in His hands. And yet, we have been given stewardship over our bodies, and as you pointed out, we have disregarded so much practical wisdom for which we are paying the price at large.

    Praising God for your health, dear friend!

  17. Elizabeth,I actually heard this info on the chrisian station I listen to ,they were giving a list of some of the organizations ,their website is,however I think they gave another website’s name if you wanted the fulllist,I will call and find out,but yup ,the breast cancer org. was right in that list

  18. I was totally disgusted with the idea of posting a bra color for all others to read. I did not find it to raise awareness of breast cancer. It only raised my eyebrows. What happened to prudent women? The way I see it, my bra color should only be known by myself and my husband. I just couldn’t believe it when I saw that our preacher’s wife participated. Thank you for speaking truth, Kelly!

  19. Kelly,
    Yesterday, I read an article that had been linked through your post that had been shared on FB. It had to do with the 2008 statistics on how much the Komen foundation had contributed to Planned Parenthood. Did you see that?
    I can’t find it again. I looked but I think it was deleted or reported as offensive.

  20. Kelly,
    Someone(I think it was Kathy@Teaching Good Things but could have been Jasmine Bauchum) shared your post and the link was in the comments. When I tried to find it, all I could find through my history was an FB page that had been “reported as abuse or offensive”.

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