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Homeschooling Success: Can Children Take Charge of Their Own Education?

Can children take charge of their own education? Just asking the question, “Can children take charge of their own education” sounds completely radical to most of us. I’ll admit, even as much as my thinking about homeschooling has morphed over the years, there is still that part of me that holds on to some fear […]

10 Ways to Bless Our Children

mom hugging her little girl

What Matters Sometimes life can get so busy, so “daily” or tense or hectic, that we can forget what really matters. Often we hurt, or ignore or just don’t cherish those we love the most. For mothers who have several children, it can be especially challenging to sift through the noise, and spills and dirty […]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for a Complete (Christian) Education

notebook, pencils, eraser and protractor

James Altucher wrote a counter, jaw-dropping piece entitled, “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Having a Complete Education”, in which he said such antithetical things like: “Let’s take it subject by subject: SCIENCE You actually need to know NOTHING. Biology textbooks are hopelessly outdated. As are physics textbooks. There are better resources online where you can learn faster […]

Gentle Parenting vs. Traditional Parenting: A Word to Today’s Young Mother

Every new mom wants to do a better job at parenting than her parents. Even if she had a great childhood experience, There is something (and it’s good and right) inside us all to improve on our experiences. Gentle Parenting, coined by Dr. William Sears in the late 1980s, was gaining popularity when I was […]

True Confessions of a Whacky Woman

I uncovered this little gem I wrote back in 2008 when surely, my hormones were not my friend. Does anyone else relate? These poor, dear ones with whom I live,They must be at wits’ end, One day I’m sweet, the next I’m not,And Friday, sweet again! I live in exclamation points– It’s Always! Never! Really!Only […]

An Open Letter of Apology to My Former High School Student

Dear Jacob, I taught you in English class when you were eighteen years old and I owe you an apology. In fact, all your teachers do. I bought the lie and I lied to you, and it had a profoundly negative impact on you. I told you that since you weren’t interested in dissecting Shakespeare, you […]