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Amazing Web Links for Your Weekend

Homeschooling Held Hostage, Heidi St John

“Most of us took our children out of public school in search of something more, only to be hijacked by the world’s system—right there on the couches in our living rooms. We’re putting our kids into hyper-academic “homeschooling” programs and we’re allowing the pressure of the “what ifs” to determine what we teach our children. Yes. We’re falling for it.” Read the rest…


No Babies, Please, We’re Europeans, The American Conservative

“We are very close to the threshold of non-renewal where the people dying are not replaced by new-borns. That means we are a dying country…We need a wake-up call and a real change of culture to turn the trend around in the coming years…The future belongs to the fertile. And that means people who carry in their heads a very different set of ideas about the meaning of life, marriage, and childbearing than do most moderns.” Read the rest…


The Most Important Thing My Parents Did, Tim Challies

“Why are all five of my parents’ kids following the Lord, while so many of our friends and their families are not? Obviously I have no ability to peer into God’s sovereignty and come to any firm conclusions. But as I think back, I can think of one great difference between my home and my friends’ homes—at least the homes of my friends who have since walked away from the Lord and his church. Though it is not universally true, it is generally true. Here’s the difference:” Read the rest…


Quiet the Fear, Do the Work, Desiring God

“Strategy, organization, and training are essential when a soldier is called to fight in a war. But by far the hardest thing to do is actually quiet the fear and do the hard work of fighting.” Read the rest…

5 Responses

  1. Got to love the “Christian Writer” who just has to throw in a little unnecessary language to try to get his point across. Matt Walsh. Not really!

  2. Thanks for these links, Kelly. Very timely for our family with three of them in particular (the homeschooling, marriage, and children following the Lord articles). And in the other one, from The American Conservative, I enjoyed reading the author’s thoughts on “trustee,” “domestic,” and “atomistic” families. Good to think about which kind of model we’re promoting by the way we live our lives.

  3. Thank you so much Kelly! These links are amazing (even the links in the links!) I’m going to spend more time really going through them. Good thoughts to ponder and maybe use to change our lives.

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