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I have some new year’s goals. Really, they are the same goals I’ve always had. I just seem to be very bad at keeping them. Habits die hard and for us women, depending on your personality type probably more than anything, WE NEED TO BE REMINDED constantly in order to replace bad habits with new ones.

Growing in Christ means being deliberate, diligently adding to our faith virtue and to that knowledge, and then self-control, and perseverance, and godliness and kindness. This is my attempt to be more deliberate.

So I created this for me, to hang on my bathroom mirror and maybe over my kitchen sink. I. am. determined. You can print one off for free as well. Just add it to your cart and the full image will be sent to your inbox (check your junk folder if it doesn’t show up right away.)

Happy new year and let me know how the Lord is growing you!


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  1. Thanks for this printable. I love it and will be posting it in my kitchen. Also really looking forward to your new book to come out!

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