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5 Reasons the Abortion Argument Fails (And How You Can Save Lives)

by Kelly Crawford

On the heels of New York’s law passed last week to extend the allowance of abortion up until birth, I have felt it’s important to keep talking about the misunderstanding that drives support for the pro-choice movement, and the need for us to not stop talking about it until we have liberated a whole group of people who are not allowed to speak on their own behalf. It took centuries of bold heroes to overturn the atrocities of slavery, and I think it’s entirely right to compare that blight of the human race to the one we are facing now.

There are several points I want to make:

1. If you are pro-choice but felt uncomfortable with New York’s law allowing abortion until birth (the 9th state to allow it) there is some inconsistency in your belief. While aborting a full-grown baby certainly seems more heinous (and no doubt is physically), a life doesn’t have varying degrees of value depending on the size or ability to reason. To hold that opinion would be to say that a 5 year old is less valuable than a 10 year old, and a 10 year old less valuable than a 20 year old, etc. If you believe that one human has the right to take the life of another human, at any stage, then you shouldn’t have qualms with aborting a 9 month old. It is the logical conclusion of the pro-choice belief.

Someone I know put it this way: it is no different than changing the age of euthanasia from 80 years old to 79 and 6 months. I think whatever a person believes, it should be consistent.

2. As always, pro-choice is couched in language and argument that elicits the greatest sympathy. “I am pro-choice because I believe a woman should be able to terminate a pregnancy caused by rape…if she is too young…if she can’t afford to raise a baby…if her life is in danger.”

The recent NY bill camped out in the “if the mother’s life is in danger” argument. This is a moot point. Medical practices always treat the mother first, in the case of danger. She may have to have a life-saving procedure that, consequently, causes her baby to die, but there is no law necessary for that and that is not a medical abortion.

3. The other argument for distraction is to allow late term abortion if the mother finds out her baby has a serious defect.

The first problem is, what is a serious defect? Some mothers can’t stand the  thoughts of having a baby born without an arm or hand, and consider that a serious defect. Or Down Syndrome. It is a gruesome thing to give someone else the authority to determine the value and existence of another human life.

The second problem is, many times the doctor is wrong, and the baby is born normal. My own OBGYN says that the test that screens for defects is 50% accurate. I just witnessed my cousin, told her baby had half her brain out of her head (by a team of specialists) and that she would likely be extremely disabled, give birth to a healthy, baby girl who only had a mass of fluid that was drained at birth, with no complications afterward. I have heard countless stories like these, without even searching for them. Some of our greatest contributors to society were born in dire circumstances and with defects.

4. New York’s governor said this: “Today we are taking a giant step forward in the hard-fought battle to ensure a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her own personal health, including the ability to access an abortion. With the signing of this bill, we are sending a clear message that whatever happens in Washington, women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body.”

It is the point on which the abortion debate primarily hinges. Who has the right to tell a woman what she can or can’t do with her body? I agree that no one does. And we should all be intelligent enough to discern that abortion is not about her body; it is someone else’s.

5. Feminists should be the most pro-life group in the world, if their theology is consistent (it’s not). They have built a platform of protecting women, bold speaking out against injustices, and righting the wrongs steeped in centuries of traditional misconduct. Why aren’t they shouting for the lives of the unborn, whose lives have unforeseen worth and contribution? Why aren’t they crusading against the injustice of the genocide that has robbed countless women of their own voice?

I have often wished I knew something more tangible to do other than just talk about the crime of abortion. (And yes, we would adopt her baby if a woman came to me and asked. Someone suggested that the government could fund adoption instead of abortion, and I think that’s a pretty stellar idea.) Our clinic was shut down last year making sidewalk ministry impossible. But I was just introduced (thank you Kirk Cameron) to Save the Storks. If you are looking for a way to actually make a difference and save lives, consider checking out their ministry.

I will continue to pray, speak and do what I can to overturn this awful human injustice we have embraced–and I hope you will too. I pray if you are pro-choice, that you would allow yourself to think logically and to understand the value of every human life, and stop participating by support, in the genocide of the largest people group in history. As a side note, some of the most outspoken pro-lifers have had an abortion themselves. It doesn’t make them hypocrites, it makes them closer to the subject they so passionately defend.

“Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.” Proverbs 24:11

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Kara January 28, 2019 - 7:27 pm

Kelly, I am a long time reader but never have commented before. I agree 100%, but I have a question:
How do you address someone making the pro choice point of “all these children that are in the foster care system and needing adopted or children being neglected and abused by parents/family? I know some couples who always bring up this point, like no one wants these children and they are a burden on society. Almost like they advocate birth control and sterilization, just as some advocating spaying and neutering pets because there are already so many needing homes.
I know some people just don’t want to see the other side. I am at a loss with this argument. I live an an area that drug and abuse problems are really bad, and the foster care system is horrendous and bursting at the seams.

Kelly Crawford January 28, 2019 - 8:33 pm

Hi Kara,

Well, the issue of abused and neglected children is a peripheral one. Abortion has been available for a long time, and that doesn’t keep people from having and abusing their children. Sadly, that is just part of living in a world of sin; but legalizing abortion doesn’t make a dent in that.

As for the foster care system being overrun…again, they are there despite the opportunity for women to abort. So how is legalizing abortion helping that situation? They are still there. Most children in foster care are awaiting a return to their biological families, or to be placed with other family members, etc. They’re not simply unwanted children. It’s a complicated situation. The adoption process for newborns is completely different. Thousands of people are waiting to adopt newborns, especially through private adoption which is much more affordable. But from a logical standpoint, abortion doesn’t curb the number of children who will be born into families who, no matter what, will not properly take care of their children. Of course from a moral standpoint, it’s another moot point. There will always be people committing crimes and going to prison. Prisons are overrun. A case could be made that if we legalize crime, it would help with prison population. But of course that’s a silly thought. I see it as about the same kind of logic. And of course, when we have an understanding of right and wrong, the peripheral issues don’t change the fundamental truth.

Layne R. January 30, 2019 - 8:49 pm


JB November 3, 2020 - 7:40 am

The one argument I didn’t hear you address is the about abortion access actually lowering abortion rates. I want less people to die and, from what I’ve read, safe access to abortion actually lowers abortion rates. It’s countries with strict laws against abortion where the rates are high. I’ve read countless articles, quoting a number of studies, to support this. So if we want to save the lives of unborn children, and their mothers, perhaps we should be fighting for their ability to access a safe abortion. Seems counter-intuitive, I know. But actually it makes sense. If a woman wants an abortion, she may get it anyway, even if it’s illegal. In this case though, it may jot be safe and she may die along with her unborn child.

I wonder, should us pro-lifers be encouraging mothers to carry their pregnancies to term while championing the laws that allow them to choose? This way, if we fail to convince them, they will survive even if their baby doesn’t. Are we putting pregnant women at risk by making abortion harder to access?

KC February 2, 2019 - 1:35 am

Needy children are not a “peripheral issue.” Jesus didn’t believe that. He commanded us to care for them. He did not view them as “peripheral.”

If you say you care about children, you care about them before and after birth. That’s why there is no response to questions about adoption and foster care. Either you care enough to help living children, or you don’t.

You can’t convince anyone that you care about babies if you view them as “peripheral” after they are born.

You say that thousands of people are available to adopt infants. That is not true. You are thinking of white infants. There are many nonwhite infants available, perfectly healthy, whom no one wants. There are also infants with health problems or disabilities.

Why don’t Christians take in these babies? They don’t want to, but they lack the honesty to admit it. They don’t want to.

Kelly Crawford February 2, 2019 - 9:43 am

KC–where on earth did you get that I think children are a “peripheral” issue. The very thing I’ve talked about on this blog for 12 years is precisely that children are NOT peripheral, though society treats them as such. Manipulating my words is intellectually dishonest and doesn’t lend to a rational conversation. (Not to mention the irony that you appear to be pro-choice yet you are bringing up Jesus’s teaching on caring for children?)

The peripheral issue that I referenced is the list of REASONS people give for aborting. When your fundamental truth is settled about life, the peripheral reasons for aborting don’t matter

And your point is another straw man–it’s a favorite of the pro-choice side. The reality? Ninety-nine percent of the time a woman going to get an abortion simply doesn’t want to carry a baby to term to give it to someone else. Hardly ever happens, sadly. So before Christians can adopt unwanted babies, the mothers have to ask.

Furthermore, Christians do take in these babies. They stand across the globe with open homes. I’m so tired of hearing pro-choice people ask why they don’t when do by the multitudes. White, disabled, etc. Just in my little circle of friends, there are SO many adopted babies, the majority of whom are black, interracial or disabled. I know couples right now begging/searching desperately for a baby they can adopt privately so they can afford it–any baby.

Don’t even hint that I/Christians don’t care about babies when we are fighting for their lives. Don’t throw up your straw man argument which doesn’t hold water to avert the attention off the topic of children being murdered in the womb.

Your facts are wrong and you completely distorted my words. It’s impossible to have a real conversation with that approach.

Kelly D. February 4, 2019 - 4:23 am

I am pro-choice, to a point, simply because there have always been abortions, and there always will be abortions, and I would much rather a woman have access to a safe abortion than having to resort to a backyard one which puts her life in danger. And, in my country at least, more than 75% of all abortions are performed because the woman is forced/encouraged/coerced into it by a man – usually the baby’s father.
I would much rather see wrap-around support for women and families with funding for adoption, making adoptions easier (because in this country it’s really hard!) and sole-parent support and whatever else is necessary for women to choose to either keep their babies or at least carry them to full-term and give birth, and give them up if they want to, rather than kill them. Far too many men (in my country, at least) insist on an abortion because they don’t want to pay child support for the next 18 years. This is in a country where birth control is readily available and affordable!

On a personal level, I am against abortions. There are no circumstances I could think of in which I would have an abortion, aside from a medical emergency which could potentially leave my 4 children motherless if it wasn’t attended to.

I take huge offence to the idea that women can abort a child if it is “defective”. This is a BABY!! It is a gift from God! How can such a precious gift be defective??? I was born with a neurological disorder, so technically, I’m “defective”. Does this mean my life is worthless? Clearly, to some, it does.
To me, this is the worst, most heartbreaking reason of all to seek an abortion. I can understanding far more easily a woman choosing an abortion because of rape. I will never understand how a woman can choose to abort a baby because it isn’t “perfect”.

Kelly D. February 4, 2019 - 4:32 am

Actually, to say I am “pro-choice” is perhaps wrong.
I am not “pro-choice” at all. Rather, I understand that abortions happen, they have always happened, and they will always continue to happen, and I think we can keep women safer if there is a legal way to do it, rather than forcing them to backyard places.
But if I could snap my fingers and stop women from ever wanting abortions, I would do it.

Society itself needs to change hugely before abortions will become non-existent. A really good article is here: https://www.good.is/articles/unwanted-pregnancies-men-at-fault?utm_source=upw&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=1&fbclid=IwAR13zI-nVbSax7AC1EiKiM4D2TU8KXeFVV6_oOlyxLJeLEuZuELReA6Qrqk

Kelly Crawford February 4, 2019 - 12:06 pm


It grieves me to read that you understand that abortion is murder, the taking of a human life, and yet you still feel it should be legal.

Your reasoning is deeply flawed and is part of why this atrocity remains legal. It sounds compassionate to say that you support abortion because it let’s women have a “safe” abortion (By the way, the irony of that–safe for her, deadly for another.)

What you’re saying is: “We should make crime legal to protect the one committing the crime, because they are going to commit the crime anyway.” Along those lines, you could argue that “people will always break into houses, so we need to make it legal so the intruder doesn’t get shot.”

Realistically, if you choose to do something illegal, you risk reaping the consequences. Because there are other options for women (adoption) no one if forced to get an abortion.

Can you show me the statistics for your claim that “75% of women are forced” in New Zealand…I don’t actually believe that. People in your country are not very different from people here, and a woman doesn’t have to get an abortion just because her boyfriend wants her to. (I looked at NZ statistics, and 66% of abortions are performed on women in their 20’s or younger, and though NZ law requires a medical condition to get an abortion, 97.4% stated “danger to mental health” as the de facto classification for elective abortion. In other words, “I don’t want this baby.”

Until we give an unborn human equal rights as the woman carrying him or her, we are barbaric and deserve the judgement of a people who do not defend it’s weakest members.

There are some issues in which right is always right, and this is one of them. Once that foundation is established, we can begin working on the other problems.

6 arrows February 4, 2019 - 3:23 pm

Kelly D.,

“…I would much rather a woman have access to a safe abortion than having to resort to a backyard one which puts her life in danger.”

Please read the following brief article to see how post-abortive women’s lives are in danger:


“Abortion increases the likelihood of suicide,” is the finding of research in the United States, Britain and Finland. After an abortion a woman has to deal with painful issues of grief and loss. Keeping the baby reduces the risks of suicide because the mother lives to care for her child.

The primary reason given for suicide after an abortion, is the long-term clinical depression suffered by a percentage of women. This post-abortion grief or trauma can lead to abusing drugs and alcohol, with an added risk of suicide.

Kelly D. February 5, 2019 - 12:35 am

6 arrows – Yes, sadly, you are right. A large number of women are deeply affected by their decision to abort their babies. Honestly, I don’t see how they couldn’t be.

A woman I know had a backyard abortion when she was 17. She has been unable to fall pregnant ever since. She fell into a deep depression after her abortion and ended up addicted to drugs. And now, unable to have any more children, she’s back on drugs again, after a decade completely clean. Abortion is devastating to women.

Kelly – I don’t have an official statistic to back up the fact that 75% of women are forced (co-erced may be the better word) into abortion by men; I read it in an article written by a woman who is an abortion counsellor. Here in New Zealand our government is currently reviewing our antiquated abortion laws and updating them, so there are a great many articles like this around at the moment, to ignite discussion for us to all have our say.

Sadly, in America, it seems that even more women are being forced into abortion with as many as 88% of women said their trip to the abortion clinic was a capitulation – not a choice at all. They didn’t feel empowered, they felt isolated, overwhelmed and sad. (Journalist and author Frederica Matthewes-Green in her book “Real Women, Real Choices). Matthewes-Green also said that even poor women is likely to continue the pregnancy if the baby’s father loves and supports her, and even a financially secure woman is likely to terminate if her husband demands it of her.

So that is the answer RIGHT THERE!! Make abortion illegal so it’s no longer a viable option and change society to teach our boys right from the time they are small, that if they make a baby, they MUST take responsibility for it.

Pro-abortion people insisting Christians should be adopting/supporting all the “unwanted” babies are barking up the wrong tree. This is not a Christian issue. It’s a responsibility issue. Pro-abortion people need to be insisting that the men who create these babies, take responsibility for them, and stand by the women. If Matthewes-Green is right, this would eliminate nearly all abortions.

6 arrows February 5, 2019 - 3:36 pm

Kelly D.,

I’m sorry, but you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. You identified yourself as “pro-choice, to a point.” Then you said, “Actually, to say I am ‘pro-choice’ is perhaps wrong.” You’ve argued on this thread that abortion should be made illegal, AND that women should have access to safe abortions.

Are you making yourself sound pro-life in your February 5th at 12:35am comment, or have you suddenly become truly pro-life in the last 24 hours and all of your arguing for “safe” abortion is a thing of the past now?

Abortion is not safe for the baby — its purpose is to kill it, and the “success” rate of its doing so is astoundingly high. What are you doing to stop abortion?

If you consider yourself pro-life, then I would recommend you read the following article. It has a lot of references to practices in the United States, so not all of that will be specific to your country, but the underlying principles mentioned in the article can be applied anywhere. If you’re going to stand up and fight for abortion to be made illegal in your country, then you’ll want to read this article to learn how to avoid making the mistakes the pro-life movement has made in the U.S.


Are we trying to maneuver toward some viable legal challenge to Roe v. Wade? If so, that isn’t working either. Every half measure is passed under the pretense that babies are not individuals with a right to life at conception. Each law that merely restricts abortion grants that women do have some right to choose death.

Kelly D. February 5, 2019 - 7:56 pm

6 arrows – My apologies for the confusion.
I am pro-choice for other people – but I am against abortion for me. There are literally no circumstances in which I would have an abortion, and in a perfect world, there would be no circumstances in which other women would choose to have an abortion. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and because of this, having access to abortions that are safe for women, is important.

I always remind myself that I am far luckier than a great many women both in my country and in the world, and many women do not have the family support that I have. Many women are living in violent and abusive relationships where they are completely controlled. Many women are totally isolated and alone. Many women have no support whatsoever – not financial, not emotional, not practical. And for many women, a baby in the early stages of pregnancy is not a life, but a bunch of cells, so it’s easier for them to detach themselves emotionally. For many women, an abortion is the ONLY option. My heart breaks for those women.

Abortion is not going to be made illegal in my country. They’re talking about legalising it right up until birth, just about. Currently, there needs to be a medical reason for it (but “I don’t want this baby” falls under “mental health”) but that is likely to change.

When I mentioned making abortions illegal, I was talking about if society had changed enough so that ALL women have all the support they need, and every single man who creates a child is forced to take responsibility for it. Without both of those in place, women do need access to safe, legal abortions, otherwise they will be forced to turn to backyard places without skilled doctors and sterilized equipment and their lives will be placed at risk.

Any woman who has ever used the contraceptive pill, but is anti-abortion, is a hypocrite. The way my doctor described to me how the pill works, is it makes the woman’s womb inhospitable to a fetus, so potentially, an egg could be fertilized and die in the womb every month. A mini, unknown abortion, in other words.

What am I doing to stop abortion? Nothing. Because as I said, until society changes enough that women are respected (and there is no demand for a sex industry) men are respected, marriage and commitment are sacred, and children and babies are seen as precious and wanted (not a by-product of sex) and people’s lives are not ruled by selfish greed, there will always be unwanted babies. And until there is complete wrap-around services for women seeking abortion, including a safe haven, better protection from domestic violence (NZ has the highest rate in the developed world, sadly) financial and emotional support,better laws protecting a woman’s career and whatever else a woman may need, abortion is always going to be an option for some women when faced with the reality of an unwanted pregnancy.

But my husband and I are raising our four children to love the Lord. Our teenagers are kind, respectful kids who value others. Their friends are the same. And if any of them found themselves with an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy, we will support them in carrying the pregnancy to full term and then deciding on the best course – without killing the precious life inside of them. So in the small way that we can, we are changing society by raising great kids, and living our lives in such a way that the love and light of Jesus shines forth brightly. It’s about all we can do right now.

6 arrows February 5, 2019 - 10:36 pm

Kelly D.,

You can’t imagine how profoundly sad I find your post.

“I am pro-choice for other people – but I am against abortion for me. … However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and because of this, having access to abortions that are safe for women, is important.”

So you’re OK with others deciding to slaughter unborn children since we live in an imperfect world?

“When I mentioned making abortions illegal, I was talking about if society had changed enough so that ALL women have all the support they need, and every single man who creates a child is forced to take responsibility for it. Without both of those in place, women do need access to safe, legal abortions…”

So there are prerequisites before a conceived child is worthy of the right to live? First we must get rid of those things you mentioned above, plus disrespect to women; the demand for the sex industry; disrespect for men; the viewpoints that marriage and commitment aren’t sacred, and children and babies aren’t precious; lack of “complete wrap-around services for women seeking abortion,” adequate protection from domestic violence, financial and emotional support, better laws protecting a woman’s career and whatever else a woman may need — after all that is in place, then we can finally try to stop getting rid of unborn babies?

The world must be well on the way or completely rid of all these evils before the atrocity of murdering children in the womb can be addressed?

My questions are rhetorical; I don’t expect you to answer them. In fact, I can’t continue this conversation with you anymore, Kelly. Your stance is in direction opposition, for starters, to the Lord’s commands in Proverbs 24:11 (see the end of Kelly’s post) and Mark 10:14 (“Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.”)

You are acquiescing to the annihilation of millions of human lives on the altar of this “[im]perfect world.” That is not teaching your children to love the Lord, Who created those babies in His image. The “love and light of Jesus” is not “shin[ing] forth brightly” as you imagine, when you have adopted and proclaimed the stance on abortion that you have here. It is not showing love, light, and life in Jesus; it is demonstrating darkness, destruction, and death.

Heavenly Father, open the eyes of the men and women who want to see abortion continue in this present world. Turn their hearts to You and the truth of Your Word, and away from cultural mores that call evil good.

Give wisdom to all who speak out against abortion. Guide us by Your Holy Spirit to speak the truth in love, and to act in accordance with Your will.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Kelly D. February 6, 2019 - 1:48 am

6 arrows – I understand that you don’t want to converse with me anymore and that’s fine, however I don’t think that what I believe is too far from what Jesus believes. If Jesus was here right now do you think He would be standing on the streets outside hospitals yelling abuse at women going in for an abortion, screaming that they’re evil murderers, spitting at them and throwing things? That happens here. By people who claim to be Christian. Those activists threw stones at the car of one woman and broke the windscreen. She was 17 years old. She was pregnant to her father, a product of rape – rape that had happened repeatedly since she was 9 years old. The first abortion she did herself with a knitting needle. Another woman, travelling with her husband this time, was also abused. They were also going to the abortion clinic. But it was too late for their baby – a much loved and wanted baby – it had already died in the womb. And here, the surgery to remove it is held in the same place as where abortions are performed. Our small city hospital is not big. These “Christian” activists did not discriminate in who they targeted. They abused this broken, devastated woman just the same.
I don’t believe for a second that Jesus would do that. I believe He would treat women seeking an abortion the same way he treated the woman caught in adultery in John 8 – with compassion and mercy. He would turn them from sin and show them a better way but He would not do that with cruelty. And I don’t believe He would condone the sin that brought the woman to seek an abortion in the first place.

That young woman I mentioned above who was raped? I know it’s by far in the minority of reasons why women seek abortions. But it haunts me, to this day. And it’s part of the reason why I react so strongly to the topic of abortion.

I don’t know if you follow any other Christian women’s blogs, but in the last week, a very popular blogger allowed a comment on her blog from a man who claims to be Christian, proclaiming that women deserve to be raped, because they abort their babies. This man did not care what circumstances a woman might be in to make her choose abortion. All women deserve to be raped regardless, apparently, because some women abort their babies.

I should not have even commented on here. I apologise. Causing offence was not my intention. But I work with broken women. I see haunted, devastated, broken women and families every single day. And that man, a Christian man no less, insisting that women deserve to be raped because women abort…. it rocked me to my core and it stuck with me.

Love. Jesus was about love. It’s what He taught. Fighting abortion with hate, which is what I see all the time, is not right, and it’s not going to work.

Kelly D. February 6, 2019 - 1:57 am

6 arrows – This here: So there are prerequisites before a conceived child is worthy of the right to live? First we must get rid of those things you mentioned above, plus disrespect to women; the demand for the sex industry; disrespect for men; the viewpoints that marriage and commitment aren’t sacred, and children and babies aren’t precious; lack of “complete wrap-around services for women seeking abortion,” adequate protection from domestic violence, financial and emotional support, better laws protecting a woman’s career and whatever else a woman may need — after all that is in place, then we can finally try to stop getting rid of unborn babies?

If all those things are in place, there will not be a need for abortions. If you look into it, the reasons why women have abortions fall into those categories.

Kelly Crawford February 6, 2019 - 5:30 pm


I’m reading a book right now that describes exactly why you are conflicted and support abortion even though you don’t agree with it. It’s book about how Christians have lost their fundamental moorings and have been influenced by humanistic philosophy because it tugs at the human heart strings.

We have a clear blueprint for life, as Christians. We are responsible to offer that love and hope and TRUTH to a dark world. If we waver on fundamental truths, we not only reap judgement, but we lie to the world about who Jesus really is. It’s the most tragic of all things.

When we have our core philosophies right, we are better able to navigate through the complications of humanity. Until then we are confused, and we confuse others, with our vain philosophies that are rooted in a belief which excludes a Father Creator God.

Kelly D. February 6, 2019 - 7:59 pm

Hi Kelly
What is the book called? I would be interested in reading it.
Thanks 🙂

Kelly Crawford February 6, 2019 - 11:28 pm

Here is the link: https://amzn.to/2UK0hb1

It’s well worth the read.

D. February 7, 2019 - 12:21 am

Sadly you are right Kelly about the weakened (and weakening) state of the church. How easily we compromise. The main issue is this nonsense called tolerance and non-judgment. It’s okay for the world to judge Christians for standing against abortion, gay marriage or legal drug use (as in Canada), but somehow we are not allowed to disagree with the world’s stance without being called intolerant! I’m sure because of this pressure, many Christians are backing off with the lame line, “Well, I don’t PERSONALLY agree with it, but it’s okay if you do.” We need wisdom to speak the truth in love and with grace, but oh how the world needs THE TRUTH (a person, Christ).

I couldn’t disagree more with Kelly D. about abortion being okay as long as it’s in a safe place (cause somehow the murder of a baby is more humane done in a sterile environment????). I couldn’t disagree more with her idea that abortion is okay for others, medical wise or mental wise or any other wise. God is the author of life and that means He is also the one who decides when to end it. Kelly D., if you continue to read these comments, set aside your “compassionate” heart for these mothers who are choosing abortion and instead pray that their hearts be changed to love God and see the value in life.

Here in Canada we are currently piloting projects to set up safe injection sites. It gets my blood boiling to think that as a society we are happy to fund a place where lives are being ruined. Somehow the name “safe” makes everyone feel cozy and relieved, instead of getting to the root of why these people are hooked on drugs and how the Gospel can free them. This is exactly where abortion came from: the idea that if someone is going to kill their baby, it might as well be done in a medical facility and legalized so that they won’t go “under the radar.” I look at it and see that man’s heart is wicked to the core so let them seek out the dark places, instead of making them feel it’s perfectly normal and good.

And that’s my rant….:)

Kelly Crawford February 10, 2019 - 8:44 pm

It was a good rant, D, and worthy of saying. We must continue to proclaim the Truth, the only one there is, and pray that the Lord will open more eyes and that his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

KC February 13, 2019 - 4:49 pm

“Ninety-nine percent” of women have abortions simply because they dont want to carry the baby to term? Kelly, can you provide a cite for this statement? It certainly lets Christians off the hook, doesn’t it?

Ninety nine percent, huh?

What about those women who have late term abortions? They have finished 6 months of pregnancy, but they abort because they don’t want to do the remaining three?

It weakens your argument when you fabricate things. Many women abort because they lack social supports and childcare. The very things you vote against! Finally, when you choose to birth many kids and not adopt even one, you show how you feel about these babies.

Kelly Crawford February 13, 2019 - 5:23 pm

KC–I’m not fabricating anything. It is a face that less than 1% of abortions are performed for “saving the mother’s life.’ That makes the remaining abortions done because the mother doesn’t want to carry the baby to term. It doesn’t matter what her reasons are, for the sake of my point. Yes, 99% of women who abort do not want to carry their baby to term for one reason or another. That’s not even a contentious statement.

Not voting Democrat doesn’t mean I’m not for supporting women and providing financially for them. Socialism has never been an ideal structure of support. You don’t know anything about our personal support for adopted children and families and ministries, so though you meant it as a jab, I would ask you to kindly consider that I am a person and respect me as such, even if you disagree with me. And though it’s not exactly on topic, would you do me the favor of listening to this? https://www.reviveourhearts.com/radio/revive-our-hearts/power-ordinary-hospitality/

Sue M. November 12, 2019 - 12:54 pm

Kelly C.,
Of course, we don’t know anything about your personal support for adopted children and families because that’s between you, your husband ,and God alone. It’s none of our business, nor should it be.

However, something you may not be aware of is that US Democratic voters are not monolithic; about 30% of us identify as pro-life according to a 2019 Gallup poll.

Democrats for Life (democratsforlife.org) is a group that is pro-life on abortion, assisted suicide/euthanasia, and capital punishment. I was privileged to attend their national conference in East Lansing, MI this past July and learned a whole lot about being “pro-life for all of life”. Pro-life is about a whole lot more than just opposing abortion. We learned about environmental protection and a number of things that can reduce the demand for abortions. Another interesting thing is that there are 10-12 million atheists/agnostics that are pro-life. Got that figure from one of the speakers who is a pro-life atheist.

And it is patently false to describe our social safety net as “socialist”. That’s just a buzz word to scare people. The US is not the former USSR, Communist China, Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea. Even the Scandinavian nations (Norway, Denmark, and Sweden), whose governments have a stronger social safety net than we do and more leftist than ours are more truly described as social democracies than “socialist”. They have human rights, the rule of law, free elections, and a robust private sector. Ever hear of Husqvarna, Volvo, Saab, or Viking sewing machines? They can kick out their governments any time they want any time they have elections. They are the “Socialists” you throw up as a straw man.

I respect your intelligence, your skills as a homeschooler and home entrepreneur, and you being a great mom and wife. But there is more than one way to be pro-life and more than one valid political view than Republican or Libertarian.

D. February 17, 2019 - 1:11 am

KC – I know Kelly doesn’t need anyone to defend her, she is very wise and takes the things she writes seriously.

Maybe you can provide the facts then for why 99% of women have abortions? Is there really any other clause under which the murder of a child should be okay? And please, don’t use the excuse that they abort because there is a lack of support. If anything, America (and any other country that has legalized abortion) could be putting government funding towards supporting abstinence (which is the BEST and cheapest way to prevent “unwanted” babies) and caring for these precious babies that selfish or naive women do not want.

D. February 21, 2019 - 1:53 am

This is an amazing video from a former abortionist, claiming that during his practice abortion was NEVER necessary to save a mother’s life.



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