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What Matters

Sometimes life can get so busy, so “daily” or tense or hectic, that we can forget what really matters. Often we hurt, or ignore or just don’t cherish those we love the most. For mothers who have several children, it can be especially challenging to sift through the noise, and spills and dirty diapers and squabbles, and really enjoy our children in the moment.

Some days are better than others; but I am constantly challenged and reminded that this day matters. I cannot get it back, or relive it later. The time I use or lose is up to me. And usually, it’s just the very little things that mean the most. I thought I’d make a list..for me, and for you, to remind us to use our time to bless our children draw their hearts closer to us.

10 ways to bless our children

  1. Smile a big smile at them often; it communicates that you really like them.
  2. Do less cleaning, and more reading out loud on the floor. (You know the truth: the dirty floors will still be there when they’re gone.)
  3. When a little one is “chattering” or asking the thousandth question of the day, sometimes, just stop what you are doing, and kneel down, and stare deeply into his eyes, and listen to him.
  4. Say “yes” more, and “no” less.
  5. Treat them with something for a “good” day…a movie, a trip to get ice cream, a park day, a “hose pipe” day…or whatever they enjoy.
  6. Tell them OFTEN that you are glad God sent them to your family.
  7. Ask them how you can pray for them.
  8. Touch your children a lot. Snuggle with them when you’re sitting, touch them when you walk by, hug them and kiss them often.
  9. Go outside with them sometimes and play.
  10. Like them; in every way, like them.

The list could continue. I would love for the readers to add any of their ideas to this list. Let’s encourage one another to build close relationships. Keeping our children’s hearts….it’s what good parenting is all about!

mom and daughter hugging in the kitchen, aprons on


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3 Responses

  1. I learned how very much they wanted to be included in what I was doing and also realized it was often my default to not include them because I was faster doing it on my own. What a mistake! Precious memories of letting them help mama with chores and cooking fuel reminiscent conversations and I wish I had done it more.

  2. Thank you for this timely reminder! This sleep deprived mama of 7 can so often lose perspective in the bustle of everyday messes and habit-training!

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