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5 EASY Ways to Make Money Doing What You Already Do

Simple Ways to Make Money Doing What You Already Do

Prices are rising but incomes are not. That’s a reality for just about everyone I know. So if you’re like us, you need some creative ideas to stretch your dollar if you are trying to maintain some semblance of life as you’ve always known it. Why not make money doing what you already do?

I have been trying some things out and wanted to share 5 ways I am making a little extra money doing the things I already do.

    1. Swagbucks

I may have mentioned this before, but it’s nice to cash in $10-$15 every month or so just for doing things I already do–searching the internet and shopping. Swagbucks is a search engine that gives you points for your normal internet searches AND shopping at participating stores. So when I do a Walmart pick up order, for example, I get %1-%2 cash back on every dollar. Right now I’m up to 3,821 swagbucks, which would translate to nearly $40 if I were to cash out now. You can get Amazon gift cards, Visa cards, all kind of cards. I’m saving mine up to help with Chrismtas shopping. Every 500 Swagbucks earns you $5. Sometimes more if there is a sale on your gift card. You can sign up HERE and start earning immediately!

2. Fetch

Again, this app gives you money back for things you’re already doing. It “fetches” your shopping receipts from your phone, from participating retailers (again, Walmart & Amazon are included among many others) and you get points that translate to cash. Super easy to use! Sign up HERE.

3. Upside

Gas is higher. Upside gives you cash back on gas. That simple. I love this app! It goes straight to my banking account! Just sign up here and start saving money.

4. Amazon Warehouse

I’m super excited about my recent new discovery–Amazon Warehouse. Amazon gets tons of returns of perfectly good items. Sometimes the box is damaged. Or the customer just changes his mind. You can find often find major discounts at the Amazon Warehouse. There are 2 ways to find the deals. The first is simply to go to and search. The second is to search Amazon Prime then look under the purchase options to see if there is an option for “Sold at Amazon Warehouse.” If so it will list the price and item condition. Here is a recent item I found as an example.  Shop now to see>>Amazon Warehouse.


5. Amazon Affiliate

And finally, if you are not an Amazon affiliate, you should be! (There are many companies to join, but Amazon is the most popular.) Even if you don’t have a blog or website, sharing your favorite books/products with friends/family and on social media can earn you some significant cash. Just sign up here, then copy the text link from the site stripe (see below) on any product page you wish to share. When someone clicks through your link, any purchases they make earn you a commission.



And finally a HUGE bonus idea….the one I’ve hesitated to share, but it’s just too good not to! (Take it or leave it.) A friend of mine told me about it and when I saw the pictures, I became a believer. Then I joined a facebook page and REALLY got excited. I don’t even know how to say it except to say it–DUMPSTER DIVING!

Y’all, it is CRAZY what stores throw away. (I don’t understand why some of the things get tossed, but I do know people are prone not to buy food if it’s nearing the “best if sell by” date, even though that is NOT an expiration date.) If you’re brave enough, it’s there for the taking. (Avoid areas with trespassing signs.) I’m going to post some pictures of actual “hauls” my friends/fb friends have gotten. (I’ve only done it once, quickly, and didn’t find anything. There’s an art to discovering “dumping” times. Go forth, and dive! And if you do, I want to hear about it!!


If you have any ideas, please drop them in the comments! I’m always on the search for creative ways to stretch our dollar, and I’m sure others are too!



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