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As Christian women look across a cultural landscape fraught with anger, confusion and evil, we can become really discouraged; we can also feel at a loss when it comes to fortifying our children against the ideologies that wage war with Scripture.

A new documentary “Eve in Exile” powerfully and simply addresses how Christian women can live joyful, beautiful lives amid the chaos of our culture. Fleshing out the book, Eve in Exile (I highly recommend), Rebekah Merkle tackles the subject of obedience to the glory of God that produces abundant fruit, and how to live that out practically.

Not a message of discouragement to make women feel overwhelmed, it’s actually a message of liberation and permission to relieve yourself of striving for perfection.

I’m so excited to see the entire documentary and hope to plan a public viewing of it as well. For more info, check out the link: Eve in Exile

Check out the trailer!

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  1. The film presents a powerful message about the importance of cultivating a sense of purpose and meaning in one’s life, and the ways in which this can be achieved through developing deep and meaningful relationships with family, friends, and community. It also explores the role that faith and spirituality can play in providing a foundation for a fruitful and fulfilling life, and offers practical guidance and insights for women who are seeking to build more meaningful and purposeful lives.

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