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There’s a national uproar over the recently released video about Planned Parenthood’s selling of body parts from aborted babies. Of course PP contends they haven’t broken the law (they claim they aren’t making a profit from these sales, even though it is illegal to sell them at all, AND she admits to performing banned partial birth abortions in order to harvest sought after organs).

But regardless of facts, the grotesque description where Dr. Deborah Nucatola gingerly explains over salad, how she tries to “crush above or below” the vital organs to leave them in tact, have many, including some pro-choice advocates bent out of shape. The evidence is a huge, wonderful blow to this corrupt industry.

While I’m thankful the video has stirred some much-needed anger and concern, the new information is irrelevant to the atrocity of abortion. Why would it surprise anyone if PP was even attempting to make a profit from the sale of body parts? We already know PP is a lucrative, deceptive business. This should not be surprising.

For the record:

Selling body parts is not the crime here (it’s one crime, but not the appalling one). Killing children is.

Planned Parenthood has had to do a lot of lying and deceiving over the years, and the web gets more and more tangled. For years, women have been told an abortion simply removes tissue, that a baby is like a virus in your body, and great efforts have been made, using shoddy science to keep dim the understanding that the “tissue” is a perfectly formed, living, human child with just as many rights as the mother.

They’ve even tried, for years, to convince us that they protect family values. (Excellent article by Rosaria Butterfield of her conversion from a staunch pro-choice advocate to being staunchly pro-life.)

Once medical technology made it impossible to hide that fact, they focused on other means of deception. “The baby doesn’t feel pain.” “A baby doesn’t have value until it’s outside its mother’s womb; it’s more of a parasite in utero.” “Your life is more important than your unborn child’s life.”

Margaret Sanger’s vile efforts to “purify the race” and sterilize women continues in full force, and women are certainly not better off for it. They are deceived, hurt and broken. And far worse than even that, we’ve robbed millions of people of their right to live, killing an entire generation of women and men in the name of choice.

The great irony of abortion should call the motives of feminism into question if nothing else does. No group of people, if they believe what they claim, should be more outraged that the choice to live is being robbed from so many, particularly women. Don’t tell me you care about women and then kill them. I refuse to believe what you say when your life speaks differently.

Killing children simply CANNOT be justified by any measure of dire circumstance. Just like a mother with a 5 year old, who finds herself in a terrible bind would not (we hope) kill her child to mitigate her circumstance, nor should she be allowed to kill that child a few years earlier for any reason.

The irony of the claim to “help women” at the cost of killing people, is staggering to comprehend. I pray we see a softening of hard hearts, blinders falling off of eyes, and a nation willing to repent of our heinous crimes against women and children.

My cry to you is to continue to be outraged against this evil, the blood on our nation’s hands. Do not stop abhorring what is evil, and cleaving to what is good. Don’t stop pleading with others, sharing articles like this one and the ones linked. Teach your children so they can take the wand and keep running. You can also read more and sign a petition to defund Planned Parenthood HERE.

May God have mercy and may we be moved to fight for the lives of these men and women without a voice.

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