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A disturbing comment I heard recently keeps ringing in my ears and the tragic error in it needs to be understood.

“I believe in abortion because I care about women.”

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of abortions, claims this and the massive campaign they run convinces millions that their fundamental mission is caring about women.

Most people who support abortion convince themselves that their own concern for women drives them to be pro-choice.

That is a lie.

The logic doesn’t support itself. A person cannot have such a concern for one human being that he uses that claim of love to murder another one. I can’t believe you if you say you love women but you hate their sons and daughters enough to kill them.

The ugly truth is, we love rights. The right to do whatever we want to do, even at the expense of killing, and robbing another person of any rights. There is no logic in that, and certainly no love.

If you love women, give them real help.

If you know a woman who is pregnant and doesn’t feel like she can keep her baby, love her. Tell her to call one of the many organizations at the link below, and they will find a loving home for her.

Stop the lies. Start really loving people.

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