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In our quest to do the most important thing–SERVE–we can’t overlook the overwhelmed mom. Most often she is a young mom with small children, but older moms have their own, different share of overload and stress, and desperately need encouragement too.

Verbal Encouragement

One of the greatest gifts you can give a struggling mom is the comfort that she is not alone. Motherhood can feel isolating and that loneliness exacerbates her stress. Something as simple as sending a text with a word of encouragement–“Hey, I see you and I’m praying for you today” could move a mountain for her.

Remind her of the temporary seasons, of the joy in being present now, and of the profound importance she is making in her home and her children’s lives, just by living a quiet, faithful life. These are the big things she needs to hear.

But even better, a handwritten card to encourage and inspire her is a warm, helpful gesture that isn’t as common anymore. Anyone can do it, and it only takes a few minutes, though the effects are lasting. Go write that card to a mama who needs a lifeline!

Physical Help

The list is probably endless here. And the rule is simple: “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.” Have you had a friend unexpectedly write to say they were bringing dinner? Priceless.

When you were a younger (or older) mom, did anyone ever offer to take your kids for the day?

Think of what would be a blessing to you, then give that gift to someone else!

The Ministry of Prayer

Prayer can be underestimated but of all things it should be at the top of our list! Prayer is effectual and powerful. It changes things. And when others KNOW you are praying for them, sincerely understand that, the load of life gets a little lighter. Commit to praying for your struggling friends, and remind them often that you are.

Be a Listening Ear.

Simple, but important. Sometimes we women just need to vent. Listen, then point her to truth. Perhaps a little redirection is just what she needs.

Offer Resources.

Sending books, articles and songs/words of encouragement might be the little “hug” from God they need that day. Have you ever been really discouraged over something, praying that you could sense God’s presence in some way, and then someone offers some gesture, it may be really small, but at that moment it was the knowing He does see that meant the world to you? Be that for someone else. (Psst…on that note, the devotional I wrote for moms, When Motherhood Feels Too Hard, is one of a kind. Truly packed with powerful inspiration to pull a mama out of the pit.)

I recently joined a private mom’s chat group whose sons are in my sons platoon in the marines. In passing, I mentioned having “one of my worst days.” One of the moms, a sweet, godly woman from South Africa, wrote me privately and asked how she could pray for me. That opened the door for me to share my burden with her, and she followed with some of the sweetest, most healing words my soul has ever heard. She had NO IDEA that I had been begging the Lord to show Himself to me in my dark hour. She had no idea that the Lord used her–a woman across the world–listening to the prompting to write me to pull me out of a dark place. I will never forget it. So simple on her part, so profound for me.

If there is one “secret” I have found to serving, it comes down to this: BE INTENTIONAL. We all want to do helpful things, to love others well, to be that source of encouragement. But honestly, it’s just easy to become busy with our own affairs and keep our good intentions as just that.

But with a little intentional effort, we have the power to literally change someone’s life.

“His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” Matthew 25:23

As always, sharing your tips/stories is always helpful to those who read. I look forward to hearing from you! I really do.

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  1. I’ve been blessed with neighbors who have done a lot of these things for me when they had no way of knowing I was struggling. It’s wonderful how the Holy Spirit moves us to help one another.

    I still share “When Motherhood Feels Too Hard” with friends. It really is a great help!

    1. Cindy…I love that! Yes, feeling God’s love directly through the hands of others is one of the greatest Christian blessings. Thank you for sharing. It helps me to re-read it, LOL!

  2. Hi Kelly, I loved this post. I started a YouTube channel called “The Mickle Mama” to try to intentionally implement some of these. Basically to show mamas that they are not alone and give them resources to encourage them on faith, motherhood, and marriage. I would love it if you would check it out! Thank you for intentionally encouraging US!
    Rachel Crosse

  3. A very good list, Kelly.

    The young mom of two of my piano students — her three children are under the age of five — recently shared with me via text message a simple but profound statement. She wrote that her daughter had a fever and wouldn’t be attending her lesson that day, and after I acknowledged her text, she replied, “Having babies is so hard during the pandemic.”

    My heart went out to her in that moment. She is a woman of few words, but her vulnerability as she reached out to me as she shared her struggles was a reminder to me to be alert to opportunities to minister not just to my students, but to their families in their time of need.

    On the receiving end of things, last year our family had several offers from our church family, relatives, and piano parents to bring by groceries and drop them on our porch when my husband had covid. Their thoughts, prayers, offers, and kind gestures were such blessings.

    There are so many wonderful ways to serve. Sometimes the need is plainly visible; other times, there may only be the slightest of hints, or no indication whatsoever, that a mom or someone else is going through a difficult time. It’s a great blessing to develop relationships and subsequently find opportunities to serve among those the Lord places around us.

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