Generation Cedar

Often, once kids leave home, they are bombarded by different ideas and beliefs, and have their faith challenged by questions to which they don’t have the answer.

It has been discouraging to watch a number of friends deal with the grief of seeing their children walk away from the faith, or adopt beliefs we believe to be antithetical to Christianity.

It’s so easy to think that if our children simply observe our faith day to day, they’ll carry that on once they leave. But that isn’t always the case. And now, more than ever, not only is the Christian worldview being challenged, but its opponents hate Christianity and anyone who embraces it.

So, as we have been taught that to be a Christian is to represent LOVE, when our children are told their beliefs are “hateful” they begin to question how they can embrace a religion with that definition.

Forgetting that Jesus warned us of it: “Know that when the world hates you, it hated Me first.”

As my husband and I have been discussing this, we’ve decided to get really intentional about apologetics, helping our children learn to defend their faith. We started “Round Table Discussions” every Sunday night.

I try to make a yummy, snacky dinner and dessert that they love, and we talked to them beforehand about why we are doing it, and how much we need their participation.

We’re discussing some books, which I’ll link below, and also asking them about topics they’d like to discuss. So far, it’s going really well!

Books we’re using for discussion (links are affiliate):


Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions

How Do We Know the Bible is True

The Ology

Does your family do anything like this?

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