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Christian: Stay Steady in a World of Fear and Uncertainty with 8 These Practices

How to Stay Steady in a World of Fear and Uncertainty

Right now, everything is a little topsy turvy, isn’t it? There’s fear all around, uncertainty, and a general questioning about what we’re supposed to do in this strange, new world. But, as a Christian, you don’t have to be consumed by fear and worry. Let me tell you what I believe you should do instead.

Saturate Yourself and Your Children with God’s Word

Start your day with a good dose of the Word of God. Spend some time in prayer and reflect on scripture that inspires you. And don’t forget to take your children along with you on this faith journey. Educate them about the Word of God, answer their questions, and rejoice in the knowledge that you are collectively growing closer to Him.

Love Life, Love Your Husband, Love Your Neighbor

In moments of crisis, we sometimes forget to appreciate the blessings around us. But life is precious, and we should treasure every moment of it. Love your husband, cherish your marriage, and be a light to your neighbors. Show kindness, empathy, and love to all people, regardless of their background or beliefs. We never know who we might reach with our actions.

Cook Good Food and Invite People Over

One of the best ways to show love is by cooking good food and sharing it with others. In these dangerous times, it’s easy to feel isolated, so create warmth and fellowship by inviting people over for dinner. Share stories and laughter over a homemade meal, and enjoy each other’s company.

Have Babies

In a world that is often hostile towards children, it’s important to celebrate new life. If God has blessed you with children, be grateful, treasure those little ones, and always remember that they are a precious gift from the Lord. Bring them up in the love and knowledge of God, and let them grow up to be His ambassadors in the world.

Worship Your Lord

Remember to worship and honor the Lord in everything you do. Attend church services, sing heartily, and devote time to prayer and meditation. Make Him your priority, and trust Him to guide you through every storm and trial.

Be Joyful

Joy isn’t just a passing emotion; it is a state of being that enables us to maintain a positive outlook even in the midst of challenges. Choose joy, Christian sister. It is a powerful tool to face adversity and to let others see Christ’s light shine in you.

Sing Hymns

Music can be a powerful way to connect with God and rejoice in His goodness. Sing hymns or worship songs that speak to your heart. Let the melodies transport you to a place of peace and joy, and give you comfort in the times of uncertainty.

Believe What God Says

When feelings of anxiety or doubt try to take hold of you, fight back against them with the truth of God’s Word. Believe what He says and trust in His plan for your life. Keep your focus on Him and His promises, and know that He is always with you.


Our walk with Christ is a continuous journey. So, repeat these practices every day, and continuously strive to become more faithful, obedient, and loving. We can make a difference in this world if we remain rooted in Christ and follow His ways.

Final Thoughts:

Nations are brought to their knees when people are faithful and obedient. When they persevere through difficult times. So, let us be people who pray, live joyfully, and speak Christ to everyone we meet. The world is changed from the bottom up, and by following these practices, we can help usher in the change. Let’s be faithful.



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