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Faith might be a buzz word of Christianity, but so few of us know that real, living, pray-for-daily-bread kind of faith that we read about in Scripture and in the stories of the saints of the past. Perhaps our comforts have moved us beyond the need to trust like that.

If you’ve never read the story of George Mueller, you simply must. It will shake the very foundations of what you thought you believed about faith. It will force you to reckon with your puny “grasp” of what you thought was faith in your own life.

A man who needed nothing other than daily food, and believed God could not forsake His own.

A man who didn’t measure what he thought he was able to do by the resources he already had, but rather did what God told him to do, and trusted that the resources would come.

What if we lived like that?

I’ll admit it, I like the comforts of life! I get nervous when the cupboard is “low”…(what’s your definition of low, by the way?) Mueller’s wife often came to him saying, “You know dear, our guests are most welcome, but we only have a half loaf of bread…what shall we feed them?”

To which Mueller would logically reply, “I don’t know dear, let’s tell God about it.” And the food always came.


Some would say that it isn’t wise to invite guests over if you have no food to feed them. But God said, “Obey, don’t worry about daily needs, and ask for what you need.” So George lived that out literally, never turned anyone away from his home, and God always provided.

He never turned anyone away from his home and God always provided. His testimony makes me ashamed of how we calculate things under the guise of “wisdom.”

The Lord is searching for those with a faith that will believe Him BEFORE the end can be seen. Think about it: can we even claim to have ANY faith, unless we believe in the “evidence of things not seen?”

Faith is only faith when we believe before seeing. Faith must be blind before it can even be called faith!

“And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.”
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  1. I have a book about George Mueller that I was just explaining to dh yesterday that I find very hard to read. Because I am so uncomfortable trusting God with our finances/future. I’m more comfortable with our plans, and I see money/debt as the only way to reach the country where I desperately want to live again. I’m reading the book I have very slowly, a page or three at a time, as it gives me so much to think about!

    It does shake you!


  2. Mrs. Klause,

    There is a two hour audio version of the story that you might enjoy listening to with your children from "Your Story Hour".
    My in-laws had the tape set from when my husband was a child, and now I have the whole audio set for my children. They are excellent and great for children to listen to at bedtime.
    Here is a link where you can download "The George Mueller story" to download if you are interested:They are numbers 3 and 4 on that page

    Also, you can purchase the CD sets from CBD, Amazon, Ebay… anywhere.. just type Your Story Hour into search engine.

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