Generation Cedar

Morning bible reading–check.

Family worship–check.

Church on Sunday–check.

I think these activities are the under-girding of the Christian life and are needful and good.

But I don’t think they are the essence of teaching our children to walk daily with the Lord, to cultivate a living, breathing relationship with the Creator.

It begins with the simplest of observations:

“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Everything points to Him and its part of our job to show them.

If I could summarize what I believe is the most important thing we do as mothers, it would be “teaching God in the moments.” That is what we are called to. And the lack of this vision is why so many mothers don’t feel the gravity of their job, and either become bored or exhausted with the “mundane.”

We get bogged down with the daily things to be done, and forget the eternal threads weaving it all together.

I also wonder if it’s why so many children grow up to have “a form of godliness” but deny any power of it.

Are we raising church-goers or disciples of Christ?

“Susie, sit at the table and eat with your mouth closed.”

Yes, but why?

Not necessarily because manners are good; why are they good? “Because the Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself, and this is one way we show love.”

“Tommy, don’t yell at your brother for knocking down your lego house.”

Yes, but why?

“Because the Bible says that a man who doesn’t have control over his own spirit is like a city with broken down walls.”

“Mary, please help your sister make up her bed.”

Yes, but why?

“Because the Bible says to serve as Jesus served.”

Sweet Mama, you have a thousand glorious moments a day to lead your children to the Creator of the Universe, giving them His directives for how to do life. Believe that your work will not return void, even if you don’t see the results right now. With God as our strength, let us seek to live it first, then teach “God in the moments” to our children.

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  1. Yes!! That’s it!! Oh Lord, help me to do this! Help me to point my children to you in all circumstances! Give us moms your words. Help those words to pierce and cause our children to desire you!

  2. Wonderful truths that will bless our children throughout their lives. Building godly character through the fruit of the spirit.

  3. No comment on that terrible situation where GOD FEARING parents severely abused their 14 children? But then you starve yours, don’t you Kelly Two Chicken Breasts? Your day of reckoning is also at hand.

    1. You’re mistaken, darling. It was a casserole with ONE chicken breast. One breast more than a vegetarian casserole. You’re gonna have to do better than that. And pay more attention to details.

    2. Gen,

      What an unkind and inappropriate thing to comment about. Were you appointed the “food” police. Thank the Lord He has given freedom whether we mothers want to add 1 chicken breast or 23 to one casserole!!!

      I thought your comment was a joke at first, but it appears you have something against Christian, home schooling families. Please spend more time praying for those of us who have taken on the task of schooling our children in the truth of God’s Word, instead of nit-picking and criticizing. Thank you.

  4. I am trying desperately to memorise scripture for this reason 🙁 Wish I had fone it before having four kids.

    1. Meaghan,

      You make me think…I was immersed in Scripture all my life so I never really gave much thought to that. Would a resource–an ebook–that had quick references to relevant Scripture for different things be something of interest to moms?

  5. Have you seen this about the Turpin case?

    “The children were exclusively home-schooled, except for the eldest, meaning that there did not need to be any outside contact with them under Californian law.

    As more details about the case have emerged, Californian politician Jose Medina has begun drafting legislation to give greater oversight of home-schooled children to prevent anything like this from happening again.

    “What happened in the city of Perris was tragic and it was horrific,” he told The Telegraph. “And I would like to try to do everything I can to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

    “One of the reasons this went undetected was because the parents could keep the children hidden from the public.”

    1. Nice try, “Gen”, but you have the same IP address. 🙂 Not sure why you want me to comment on this awful, bizarre story. This isn’t a news site; it’s a blog to encourage moms.

      Most homeschoolers don’t abuse their kids–not nearly the percentage as “regularly schooled” kids that are abused. Evil and psychotic parents exist in every walk, under every guise imaginable. That is an awful reality. Many pedophiles post as teachers or pastors to make their crimes easier; that doesn’t incriminate all teachers and pastors. Same thing here.

      If you want to discuss something rationally and respectfully, out from the hidden pseudonym you’ve used over the years, I’d be glad to. But I have zero interest or time in your trolling and hatred.

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