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Type A. Dreamer. Visionary. Whatever you call it, I’m one of those. Are you? (Long lines kill you a little inside. Patience: not your super power. To everything there is a purpose. Otherwise, what’s the point? (There’s isn’t one, see?) )

It has its perks, but oh boy, does it have its pitfalls too. Like wishing your vision of how things should be can happen RIGHT NOW. ALL AT ONCE.

The new year is always an exciting time for me, but I have to face it with reality firmly in place, knowing I’m not going to do all the things I’d really like to do. Maybe you get a little over zealous this time of year?

So how do we make the most of this new energy/inspiration, without burning out and doing nothing because we decided we can’t do everything? (Some of you are like, “Wha????”)

But you know who you are if you get it. So…my plan is to add things one at a time. Baby steps.

For example, I want to start eating totally healthy. But realistically, I’m not going to change our diet 100% tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing (bells go off in my head just now). I can start changing our diet tomorrow–one thing (or two) at a time.


So this week’s meal plan includes a new breakfast item, as I work to replace cereal. We also do yogurt with fruit one morning, sometimes just oatmeal (kicking and screaming) or eggs. But we default to cereal because it’s easier and I’m working to change that this year. I’m working in each menu category to change one thing, either adding or removing something that will improve our diet a bit.

Oatmeal Blueberry Yogurt Pancakes (Ambitious Kitchen)

Healthy protein packed blueberry pancakes

And water. I’m simply going to keep my big cup WITH A STRAW (the straw is key) beside me and sip all day, until I get my 70 or so ounces in.  And keep taking my multi vitamin. Remember these small, easy things that help keep your health optimal so you feel like doing the big things.


It is what we do, as Christians, and a priority Jesus taught us when He lived on earth. It’s so easy, when you run a busy household, to think you can’t “do ministry” or to feel you just don’t have time for anything else. I have two things to say about that:

  1. Your very life is a ministry IF you live it that way and understand your purpose. To love your neighbor as yourself is lived out tangibly in a million ways, and it is especially lived out (or not) at  home. See your children and your husband differently. They are your neighbor. How are we loving and serving them? Joyfully or grudgingly? It doesn’t matter that it’s your house and your laundry and your dishes and your people. Why do we treat this place differently? These are the front row of people God has given us through which to fulfill His commands. How are we doing?
  2. Ministry doesn’t have to be a grand production. I’ve said it here many times, but taking a simple meal (just a little extra prepared from your own dinner) to someone who needs it is a big deal. To them and to your children who are learning by what you do more than what you say. Loving others is ministry. Use your gifts and do it simply and sincerely.


I don’t exercise much at all. I’m busy, I just don’t like to exercise. As important as I know it is, I’m too impatient to do it or something. But I know if I start small (like super small) and make it a regular part of my day, I can build it as a habit. I don’t have to start Cross Fit or train for a triathlon. I just have to do more than I’m doing now and work from there. Rebounding or taking short, brisk walks is a good start if you are an anti-exerciser. Do it for the children.


Why is this so hard? (Again, as a person who struggles with impatience, feeling driven to be always doing something, it takes a real discipline to be still and do the work that doesn’t always bring instant results.) I bought a prayer journal (this one, if you want to see) to help me be more deliberate. If I have to ponder, and write it down, I think it will really help me focus on the importance of taking this time out of my day. I have not believed God enough. Have you? I’m going to start praying like I believe He is able to answer.


This one’s tough for me. Clutter paralyzes me more than motivates me. But I do know nothing has freed me up as much as purging and getting rid of things we really don’t need or use. I’m convinced, especially in a large family, that purging is absolutely essential to sanity. It must be done consistently. And the peaceful feeling of paring down should cause us to pause before we buy more stuff to take its place.

Also, having a planner and taking time each week to plan out the next week helps put us in a frame of mind for readiness. We should give up the picture-perfect schedule or house or day. But we can do small things to manage the chaos and having a plan is a great way to start. There are a lot of great ones out there (or you can make your own) but for me, simple is best or I probably won’t keep up with it.

Laurel St Designs

I am praying about and continuing to grow my businesses, Avalee Natural Skin Care now White and Lea Natural Skin Care, and Bamboo & Burlap because it is necessary for our family financially, and I’m so thankful to live in a place where we are not bound by limitations but can pull ourselves up by the boot straps when necessary and pursue extra means of income. If any of you are looking to earn some extra income and have wanted to start a business but aren’t sure where to start, email me and I’ll be happy to tell you what I know.

I love hearing other ideas about practical ways to make this a better/healthier/happier new year. Will you share?

I do know this: the Lord Jesus, in whom I live and move and have my being, must be the center of all of it. I am determining to continue seeking to grow in His Word, letting Him shape me into more of His image and practicing fleshing that out to those around me.


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  1. I just need to say – thank you. Thank you for being you. For sharing your heart. For loving us (your neighbors) through your words. I am grateful to the Lord for you. I am thankful for your truth filled words, your vulnerability, your perserverance. Thank you for your time that you take to write these posts encouraging others when you are so very busy yourself. It speaks volumes of your love for Christ and displays Him beautifully through you. God be praised, to God be the glory.
    Thank you, Kelly.
    Your friend via internet,

  2. I love this post!
    I especially loved the part about prayer and praying believing He will answer. A story I’ve heard many times (and it’s true!!) shows how important this is: An old lady had two sons. One had served God all his adult life, the other had turned away from the way he was raised. But one day, after many years, the worldly son decided to come back to church and gave his life to God. Both the old lady and her other son were overjoyed. The son said to his mother: “I’m so glad he’s come back to church, but I never believed he would. I prayed for him every night to come back, but I never believed the Lord could bring him back.” The old lady looked at him and just smiled. “I knew he would,” she said. “I prayed every day too, but I prayed believing that the Lord could do it. And he has.”
    That old lady is long dead now, but her example lives on.

  3. Hi Kelly,
    I second what Layne said. I am always blessed by your posts.
    A questions – what is the name of the planner in the second picture?
    Blessings for the New Year from up here in Canada!

    1. Cindy, I replied earlier and now it’s gone???

      Anyway, click on the link just below and it will take you to the page. Sorry about that!

      And thank you so much for your encouragement!

  4. Kelly! Thanks for sharing your challenges and your purposes! I’ve been reading your blog for years and years and am encouraged by seeing the Lord’s faithfulness in your life and YOUR faithfulness, too. =)

    I have some great breakfast ideas for you! Our family said goodbye to cereal about 8 years ago. We eat oats and eggs and other whole grains… but have also found a way to put lots of plants in every morning (and it’s delicious!!).

  5. I realize I’m a little late to the party here, but regarding breakfasts . . . Look for breakfast casserole recipes! If you’re anything like me the problem with cooking breakfast is that first thing in the morning you just don’t have the energy to jump in the kitchen and start cooking. Breakfast casseroles you assemble the day before and refrigerate, then all you have to do is throw them in the oven in the morning (or have an older child put it in!). There are all sorts out there, egg and sausage, apple cinnamon french toast, honey baked oatmeal, etc. Start Googling and see what you find : )
    Also, glad to hear you plan to keep writing. I am a long time regular reader, although I rarely comment on blogs, and you have challenged my thinking in so many ways. Keep it up!

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