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We are so excited and grateful to the Lord for the arrival of Zane Emory!

After heading toward the hospital Sunday night around 11, contractions let up and we turned around and came home, grabbing a few hours of sleep and then heading back around 3:30 am. (Deciding when to go was tortuous for me this time because of my last crazy birth adventure.)

The delivery went very well and he was born at 9:30 am, Monday morning. Zane means “God is gracious” and He certainly is. Emory means “brave” and we pray he’ll be!

Everyone is enjoying this cutie pie and I appreciate all the prayers that have gone up on our behalf. My iron levels had gotten really low and as of my blood work during labor, they had gone up 10 points. So I’m already feeling better than I have in a while.

And I have to say, at the age of 43, after giving birth to 11 children, one of the best compliments I’ve received was from my doctor yesterday who told my husband I had a beautiful uterus. I’ll take it.


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  1. I had nine, my last born at age 39. I felt so blessed! But you outdid me … age 43! Wonderful. My mother and my mother-in-law, as well, had their last babies at age 39. My mother said, “Are you crazy?” My mother-in-law said, “This will be the baby you enjoy most!” She was right. My baby is now 18 and is a huge blessing to me, as all her siblings are. (Zane is beautiful, by the way, but you already know that.)

      1. Congratulations, Kelly!
        Your baby is beautiful, as are you!
        I wanted to share that I had my 9th and last baby at age 47. I am now a nursing soon-to-be-50-year-old! 🙂 I have loved having this precious boy, even at my age! (It seems so natural!) <3 He is a blessing to all the rest of the family, too, and I frequently hear, "Mama, thank you so much for having him!"

  2. He is such a cutie, congratulations! I know all about those crazy birth adventures which does make it very hard for the next time…to decide when to go to the hospital. Enjoy those newborn cuddles.

  3. Congratulations! He is beautiful. I’ll have to take your doctor’s word for it about the uterus. 😉 Don’t be too quick to assume this is the last. I have a friend who had her last at 50. Very much a surprise baby.

  4. Congratulations! A beautiful addition to your family! We had our 6th on 1/11/2016 his middle name is Courage. I believe the Lord is speaking to us through these baby names! Enjoy the joy only a little wee one can bring into a home. Glory be to God!

  5. Congratulations, Kelly, and the whole Crawford family!!! Reminded of a quote Karen Andreola had on her blog: “I think my life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” -George Eliot You have just the face of love, Kelly, and lovely too! Hugs, Claudia

  6. I’m so happy for you! You look amazing & the little man is gorgeous! I would say you don’t look like you’ve given birth to that many babies, but I’ve noticed that the women I know who’ve birthed lots of babies, seem to be given some sort of youthful boost or something.

  7. Wow, congratulations!!!!!!! You are truly blessed! And yes, you look amazing – great compliment about your uterus! Hee hee!! And Zane is just adorable!

  8. A beautiful blessing, Kelly.

    My last baby came a little after my 45th birthday, but, as you know (I’m writing this for the benefit of the readers here who may not have heard of the type of occurrence I’m about to describe), I ovulated again last summer, about six weeks before my 53rd birthday, and almost a full year after my last menses. (Doctor had pronounced me fully through menopause last spring. Ha!)

    I didn’t get pregnant, but a friend, who is 50, told me she has ovulated several times since her last menses. I never knew that could happen.

    While the likelihood of becoming pregnant under those kinds of circumstances is low, it does give an awesome example of how we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and shows that conventional wisdom doesn’t override God’s sovereignty over the womb. 😉

  9. Congratulations! Your love for the Lord and willingness to be in the center of God’s will is so inspiring! Quick testimony: after I started reading your blog about four years ago, the Lord really started working in my heart. After much Conviction and subsequent prayer, I had my IUD removed. The Lord spoke so clearly to me about the next step: after a year of prayer and planning, I left a job that I loved for 13 years to become a stay-at-home mom! THEN after five years of thinking my husband and I were done having children and happy with and at peace with the two we had, the Lord spoke so clearly in to my spirit that he had more gifts for us! I knew he meant children! After I had been home from work for one year and much prayer, we got pregnant with TWINS on our first l try! I have never experienced God’s grace and mercy so much as in the last few years. As I sat shocked in the ultrasound room, the Lord reminded me, “I said I had more GIFT(S) for you!” Yes you did, Jesus! You are faithful and a giver of good gifts! Glory to Him forever. James 1:17

  10. What a blessing to you sweet Zane must be! Babies are TRULY a gift from the Lord!! We were blessed with our 9th last year ( I’m 43), and it grieves my heart that she could be our last baby. They are all so precious, and being a mother especially to little newborns is such a special but all to fleeting season in our lives! Praise God for His wonderful gifts to us!!! May we be faithful to train each precious skull in the nurture & admonition of the Lord!

  11. First of all, congrats! I have 8 children and we believe that a child’s name can often have links to their personality type. I knew a boy named chase, and he was the epitome of his name, he would often make his mother chase him whenever he misbehaved and needed a good spanking. I really felt bad for his mother. And apparently the Chinese believe the same thing! So there you go.

  12. I rejoice with you in the birth of your beautiful son, Zane! I had my eleventh child at 43 (15 years ago) and he has been such a blessing. We had our 11 in 21 years and they are ALL close, for which we are grateful. Hope you recover quickly from the birth (my last one took a little longer) and enjoy the latest edition!

  13. This is wonderful news. I only had three, but each is a blessing from God. Now I get to care for grandchildren!

  14. He’s really handsome. 🙂 Congratulations, Kelly. I am 40, and just 8 weeks (tomorrow) pregnant and hoping and praying we make it full term after 2 recent miscarriages.

      1. Hi Cecilia and Kelly, Congratulations to you both, I am a student of Herbology, becoming a master herbalist at the School of Natural Healing and I wanted to tell Cecilia that she can drink black haw tea or take black haw tincture thru out her entire pregnancy to help prevent miscarriage, and if you start having symptoms of miscarriage you can take false unicorn root and lobelia in pill, tincture or tea form to stop it if the pregnancy is viable, here is the info if either of you are interested, and Kelly taking liquid cholorphyll and wheat grass juice will help rebuild your blood quicker, also it is helpful to be drinking red raspberry leaf tea to help in every stage of a woman’s season she is in. The benefits of it are tremendous. I hope this helps if you ladies didn’t already know it. 🙂

        1. oops, I forgot to tell you that the formula is sold on amazon and vitacost as well as drchristophersherbshop 🙂

          1. Thank you, Michelle and Kelly. I have been using progesterone cream and have made it 2 weeks further this time than the longest of the previous two. I will check into these herbs. I respect Dr. Christopher’s work. We actually have his book of formulas, but I hadn’t thought of looking in it for this. 🙂

  15. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! At 43, I would be so grateful if God chose to give me another child! Enjoy every minute and may God bless you! He is so good!

  16. What a beautiful baby indeed. Just as many other have said, you look great!! No one could ever think you had just given birth.


  17. so precious… congrats. love the name…. I love different. How awesome is that for a doctor to say….. some doctors are not so nice…. I have given birth to 7, we have 8… and I am looking for a new doctor let’s just leave it at that…. praying for rest and healing for you and your family

  18. What a beautiful baby, and what a wonderful blessing he is! You are my best source of Godly encouragement for women, and my family knows that well…so our family is rejoicing greatly for this new joy for your family. There were great cheers in Arizona this morning when I read the news at the breakfast table!

    Your words of wisdom, well-rooted in scripture, have been life-changing for us (including turning our hearts to what God says about children and His sovereignty), which has led to the increase of our family (3 additional children so far…thanks Kelly!), and a whole different perspective on my role for me.

    Your transparency, authenticity, and boldness to talk about what no one else will has changed our family and my marriage. Thank you, Kelly, for being that woman for me.

    As you take this time to heal and rest, please know that we will be praying for you, and I will eagerly be anticipating the lessons that you can teach me as you raise Zane in the knowledge and admonition of our sweet Savior. Congratulations Crawfords!

  19. Congratulations, on the birth of your beautiful baby.

    I am the Mother of nine amazing children, my youngest was born last month.

    Although this is my first post, I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past

    few month

  20. Congrats Kelly! I am 44 and had my 8th a year ago. His name is Wyatt Valor which means Brave Strong and courageous. I love name meanings. Thank you for Sharing! Blessings to your Family.

  21. I am so excited! I also have boy named Zane. He is 2. Our son’s name in Arabic means “handsome, graceful”. We are Muslim. Your boy is beautiful. May Allah richly bless you and your beautiful uterus.

  22. Dear Juliet, I am sure that you mean well with your blessing, but I would not be showing you love if I were not to point out that we do not worship the same God. Christians do not want to be blessed by Allah. There is only one true God and he and Allah are not the same. Praying that you would know the peace and joy that comes through being reconciled to God through the life of Jesus Christ. For he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him.

  23. Hi Kelly,

    For some reason I thought you still had a month or two to go, but I am sure you are MORE than glad that is not the case!! I’m smiling over your boy’s name, what a good choice! We named our second child Ezra Zane because we loved the meaning behind both names. You look pretty refreshed for just having given birth! I know the first few days are kind of a rush of adrenaline and awe in another miracle, but I will pray for you in the weeks and months ahead. May God’s grace give you physical stamina to keep up with everything and may His peace rest on you. Such an exciting time in welcoming a newborn; each time a testimony to God’s attention to His very own creation! Congrats.

  24. Kelly, you are a blessed woman! I am not online enough to know this little one was even on the way…much love and congratulations!

  25. I just gave birth to our 9th this morning! I have been reading your blog for awhile now and have never commented but I have been so encouraged by your insights on motherhood and education. Having an open womb can feel lonely sometimes and scary! But God has been using it for my sanctification and an avenue to know Him and identify with Him better. Thank you for being like a cup of cold water to women like me who are blessed with your example of surrender. By the way I found the comments on these manly boy names interesting! We named our son Garrett (strong sword) Andrew (courageous). God knows how much we need a generation of strong, godly men! Blessings!

  26. I gave birth to my ninth at age 44. He is 6 now and such a sweetie! Zane is absolutely precious, Congratulations!

  27. I kind of got behind on responding to your comments–I’m sorry! I’ve read every one and soaked them in and love you so much for leaving one. These days are precious and hard and the time of readjusting has many challenges and I’m finding this recovery to be a wee bit tougher this go around, so I’m taking it slower, trying to let these crazy hormones find a landing place. Pray for my husband. 😀

    Thank you all so much for celebrating with us!!!

    1. Beautiful boy.

      Zane. Is on my list of future names.

      My kids are Zoey Dawn and Zedekiah Emmanuel

      Yiu should get the book supernatural childbirth by jackie mize Jackie pain free and stress free pregnancy, labour and delivery though God and prayer

      1. Danni,

        Thank you! I have read some of supernatural childbirth. And I don’t mean any disrespect, but “pain free delivery” is a lie…at least for my deliveries. Even through God and prayer, since the Bible promises that pain is now a naturally occurring incident with childbirth.

        1. I have to agree with Kelly about pain & childbirth! I have met a few women who claim pain free births with prayer…I’m not saying their lying…but it’s hard for me to believe personally. I purposefully eschewed pain relief for my first three natural births, went into it with the ideas and belief that births could be “pain free.” After my first birth, I realized that it wasn’t possible. I was injured, stem to stern and there is nothing that could have prevented that. The baby was full posterior (face up) and had a head size in the 99th percentile. 29hours of back labor, no pain relief in sight. I tried again with my second, once again I was unlucky and had a posterior child and felt every bit of that flesh tear after 32hours of unmedicated back labor. My third child was only mildly less painful as he wasn’t posterior, but his birth was the longest and still very painful. By the time my fourth came I decided on an epidural. I had a 2 hour labor and felt nothing. It was the best experience with birth. I will never give birth without pain relief again if it can be helped.

          1. I agree about the pain-free birth. I am a huge believer in natural births, and the power of a woman’s body to give birth and I researched pain-free births and did all they recommended. I had fantastic births, all natural, no pain relief, my last baby was born 15 minutes after I woke up, so about as quick and pain-free as it is possible to get! But I still was in terrible pain, I was frightened, my body went into shock, and I required stitches. It certainly wasn’t a pain-free experience. It was an awesome, empowering experience and a very good birth by all accounts, but it certainly can’t be described as “pain free”.

      2. Hi Danni,

        I looked up Supernatural Childbirth earlier at Amazon, and found some troubling statements in the book excerpt, as well as a number of Bible verses lifted from their contexts. Here is one such example that readers need to be wary of (from the Foreword by Lindsay Roberts):

        After listening to [Jackie’s] entire tape [“Supernatural Childbirth”]…I learned how to speak to the baby inside me and to speak to each part of my body and command it to line up in God’s perfect working order.

        I’m sorry, but no human can command one’s body to “line up in God’s perfect working order.” That assertion is not only incorrect, it is dangerous to think we have that kind of power over our bodies.

        It is the antithesis of Biblical thinking to assume one can cause a thing to work perfectly in this fallen world. God and His sovereignty over the functioning of our bodies are taken right out of the picture with the notion that we can command our bodies to do what we wish, and have them respond perfectly, if only we apply “faith principles,” as outlined elsewhere in the book.

        By faith we trust in the Lord’s sovereignty, knowing that He will give the grace we need to endure every circumstance He ordains, whether related to childbearing or anything else in life. We cannot put our faith in mind-over-matter techniques and call it faith in God.

        Our joy and peace is found in Christ, not in our efforts to escape pain or trial. He does not promise He will provide a pain-free existence on this earth or in any of the circumstances we may face, including in childbearing, but our Lord promises in Romans 8:28 that everything will work together for good to those who love Him, who are the called according to His purpose.

        And that is a beautiful truth we can cling to at all times.

  28. Congratulations! Your baby is so beautiful and you look amazing. I am close to your age and it is inspiring to read your story.

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