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Fiercely Devoted, Love Mom is all the best, most-loved and shared articles from 8 years of archives here at Generation Cedar. I’ve done the work and put them all in one, 90-page ebook making it super easy for you to keep close by for “those days”, or to share with a friend who needs some much-needed encouragement.


Packed with powerful words meant to pick you up and get you through the hard days, or to simply inspire you to remember what this journey is all about, Fiercely Devoted is something you’ll want to read over and over, reminding you what God’s calling looks like in shoe leather, even on the worst days.

The Blessing of Children ~ Homeschooling ~ Motherhood & Parenting ~ Marriage


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If you know a mom who could use some encouragement and practical help, this would be an EXCELLENT resource to point her to!

Grab it, save it, print it, gift it, bind it–

it’s a treasure you’ll want to keep close!

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4 Responses

  1. Is there any chance of this being published into a “real” book like your first one? I so prefer holding and reading a regular book and I have given many copies of your other one away. I’m going to buy it in this format but if you ever get it published I’d like to buy a box! I love your writing! Thank you for putting this together. Can’t wait to read it!

    1. Thank you, Kirsten! I am considering making it into a book, though it may be a while. I’m focused on having a baby soon and will think later about the next step. But I’ve already had several requests, so it must be something I should do. 😉

      1. You totally should focus on your baby right now…..but then, when you’re feeling like you’ve all this extra time on your hands and you’re looking for something to do (lol), you should send this thing off to the printer!Can’t wait to mail your newest book off to my friends! And congrats on the baby!! Can’t wait for the post that says it’s here!

  2. Any chance this comes in a printed copy?? I don’t like ebooks but I was super excited to see another book from you!! 🙂

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