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Nurture: The caring for and encouraging the growth of someone or something. Latin origin: to nurse

If you’re a woman, it’s your job. Not only that, but it’s our unique job, given to us by a Creator who is so perfect and loving, that he chose us to do this thing–to nurture–in order that things grow, life is worth living and the world is well.

I can feel when I’ve been nurtured.  I grow, I heal, I am better.

But do I study to nurture others?

Obviously nurturing begins at home. Does my home nurture those who are in it? Do I? Do the people in my charge grow and heal and become better?

Do my words encourage the growth of someone? My facial expressions? My touch? My act of taking time to hear and talk and walk beside someone through the difficult journey of life?

Nurturing takes time, effort and deliberate action. But as we collectively nurture our families, friends, neighbors and maybe, even in some way, the cashier we don’t know, we all grow. And by embracing this important job of nurturing we become a powerful force in society.

We’re encouraged to “go out and make it happen for ourselves.” But this constant pursuit of us leaves little energy and time for nurturing.

And where nurturing ceases to happen–where there is not growing, there can only be death.

How beautiful when we smile on the task we’ve been given by our Heavenly Father and allow Him to use us to grow His favorite part of creation–the people in it!

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  1. Wow. Beautifully put. We have two unrelated adults staying with us, but they need parents. It is easy to get frustrated or irritated. But God gave them to us to nuture too, not just our own daughter. If it was His will that we take them in as our children, I should remember to discount their age and treat them as our children.

    God really used you to show me this right now. Thanks.

  2. Might I add the importance of nurturing ourselves . . . not in a self-focused, selfish kind of way, but in a way that is compassionate and merciful to ourselves as well as others.

    Love the Lord your God with all your heart . . . and your neighbor AS yourself . . .

    Just sayin’ 😉 Love you

  3. Kelly, Your blog nutures me, which helps me to nurture those that God has given me. I thank God for that, and for you.

    Prayers continued for you and yours…

    PS-How is that precious Jax doing?

    1. Charity,

      Thank you for saying that. Very sweet. Jax is doing awesome–sleeping well and happy as can be most of the time. And FAT! 😉 Such a cutie-pie.

      1. Aww, I can’t wait to see pictures posted of him. I am sure he is so handsome! And I totally hear you on the chubby baby. Our new little man is accumulating quite an assortment of “cubby” nicknames. 😉

  4. It is so true that we must allow the Father to nurture us so that we can nurture others. If I am distant from Him, I will most often distance myself from those I should be nurturing. They will seem a burden to me, instead of wanting to pour myself into them.
    I see this in myself sometimes, and it usually takes me a while to figure out why I’m so irritable…why the little ones’ requests are annoying to me. My Father is never annoyed when I come to Him.
    Such a wonderful post Kelly. Thank you for always encouraging us to nurture our precious families!

  5. Kelly,

    I have been reading your blog for several months now and I have to tell you that you nurture me! I lost my mother and at the time I had just had my first child. I had very strong feels that in needed to stay home however my mother was one of the only people support that roll. Reading your blog helped me to stand strong and work with my husband (who also reads over my should sometimes) to make this happen. I now stay home with both of our children (looking forward to more)! Thank You!!!!

    God Bless!!!!

  6. Very true! I find the timing of my reading what you have written here very interesting. You see, I’ve just read a book review about a book dealing with the War On Girls (that may even be the title) and how, currently, the ratio of males to females is out of what nature would cause… the reason is selective abortion of female babies. You’re TOTALLY right, of course… and the implications of not having ENOUGH girls… nurturers is devestating, to say the least!

  7. Thank you, Kelly! This IS so very important. I’m struggling a bit in this area… never having received ‘nurture’ makes it difficult to know how to give ‘nurture’ … really trying to close the relationship gap with my oldest sons, 9 & 12. I was raised in a broken & God-less home with little real love & plenty of negative influences. God, PRAISE HIM!, saved me in the Fall of 2006 & changed almost everyhting in & about me… However, this is one thing that I’m still learning. Any prayers offered are so much appreciated!
    Still praying for your family! You’re all so beautiful & precious!

    1. Praying for you, Lori. Praise God that your children are blessed to grow up in a loving and God-filled home. I pray that you would feel the love of God intensely today and that He would send someone to nurture you.

  8. I think nurturing is a lost art. Some of it (thank God) has come from the advancement of medicine… ibuprofen and penicillin are little miracles. We rarely have to stop, care for, nurture, and pray for our sick little ones… colds and chickenpox are annoying rather than a source of grave concern. Also, the fast pace of our world does not encourage nurturing (either emotional or physical nurturing) because we are always so busy and on the run. I know I certainly could improve my nurturing skills/know-how. And, of course, the biggest factor is “dying to self”… I hang my head low here.

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