Generation Cedar

I am going through a growing time, to put it mildly, where the Lord has used several circumstances in my life to bring me to the end of myself, which, though it feels like an awful place to be (especially for a control freak), it’s actually the ONLY safe place to be. The only place where Christ can reign paramount. The only place where His power has freedom to rule.

Can I encourage you, that when you feel hopeless, that might be the beginning of real Hope.

And while the statement above may seem unrelated to the links below, I have been greatly encouraged, as I go through Nancy Leigh Demoss and Mary Kassian’s “Interior Design” series. Each part is short–just 20 minutes or so, but what it does for me is help transform my mind by renewal (Romans 12) and I am not sure there is anything more important for busy moms and wives to do to stay focused and potent as followers of Christ.

I LOVE this series, and I’m watching them with my girls. (As a caveat, there is some talk about sexual immorality in the “Virtue” segment, which I think is an important topic, even with younger girls, right now.)

Do yourself a favor, set aside a few minutes a day, and be renewed in your walk as a woman of God. This is where our faith is put into shoe leather. I pray you will join me as we intentionally pursue the glory of God in our lives.It is the reason we exist.

Part 1: Discernment

Part2: Honor

Part 3: Affection

Part 4: Discipline

Part 5: Virtue

Part 6: Responsibility

Part 7: Benevolence

Part 8: Disposition

Part 9: Legacy

Part 10: Beauty

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