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Raising Wise Adults Starts When They're Young

When I hear someone talking about “kids these days” or lamenting social problems brought on by adults who make foolish decisions, I want to ask this: “But how do you feel about a child’s earliest training? How important is it for parents to be there carefully guiding their young children as the foundations of all they think and believe are being formed? Are you encouraging parents to pour their lives into their children, your future?” Raising wise adults starts when they’re young.

Because see, too many of us wave off the importance of a parent’s influence in their children’s early lives. We forget how every minute of every day for the first few years, their consciences are being formed, their paradigm for making choices being set, and their habits and wills are being shaped by what they see and hear, and sadly, by what they don’t.

God gave children to parents because parents are responsible for taking that tiny baby to adulthood with all the effort and determination they can muster, guiding, directing, coaching, teaching, loving, and training that baby to grow up to be a competent adult, full of compassion and conviction. It is our job to direct them to wisdom, give them tools for self-control and model humility.

We live in a society that has reduced proper child-care to a clean environment where a baby is well-fed and kept safe. That is only the beginning of what our children need. And we are collectively paying for the mammoth oversight.

Let’s lead them in the way they should go so that when they are old, they will not depart from it. And let’s encourage parents to invest in the full time job of raising children into adults.

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  1. awesome read this morning. so many children go without being taught because some parents assume they are born with the knowledge of being able to function in society… It’s a constant teaching from birth til they leave your home….

  2. What a question that would be to their comment about “kids these days.” I’d like to read a post where you actually said that to someone, in a loving way, of course. I think, all too often, people do not value the mother staying at home with the children. They may just think the child needs more discipline. However, “rules without relationship equals rebellion.” And who should be the most qualified people to give that relational correction, communication, and discipline on an hour by hour, day by day basis? The parents.
    Thank you for this post.

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