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Are You Making the Biggest Parenting MistakeI think the biggest parenting mistake is at the heart of all our parenting woes: we try to raise good children and forget about raising wise adults.

Now the process may look similar in motion, in either case, but the parent just trying to make good kids is going to burn out, stay frustrated and exhausted by their short-sighted goal. And parenting in a constant state of frustration drastically impacts our children.

The other parent will be able to maneuver through those same frustrations with more grace because he has long-term vision.

It would be like trying to grow corn in a day. You can plow, plant and water, but you ain’t gettin’ corn today. Or this week. That’s frustrating if that’s what you had your mind set on. And when the weeds start to grow, the short-sighted farmer will give up before the farmer who keeps his eye on the long-term harvest of sweet, golden corn.

He knows patience and steady work is key if he wants to see long-term success.

Our children are born with a sin nature and we were put in their lives to nurture them in the Lord, slowly, patiently moving them toward a Savior who saves and sanctifies.

Where there are bad habits, attitudes, conflict or pride, those are the weeds of the fertile soil we’ve been given to carefully, diligently tend. I can tend with more stamina if I garden past today.

I have to move my gaze ahead and remember the harvest: I’m raising adults.

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