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From a couple of years ago…thoughts on Thanksgiving.

Bria, Ashton, Alexa, Avalee, Brooks, Mallie, Kyla, Ellia & Jax,

If there is one trait in this life that will give you a rich, fulfilling one, it is GRATITUDE.

The ability to see the beauty in simple pleasures; the ability to let what you have blind you to the things you don’t.

Gratitude is knowing that God is enough, no matter what your circumstances.

Gratitude is not taking your life for granted. It is remembering that a healthy body is a gift, a warm house is not a right, and food at every meal is a luxury to most of the world.


Children, I won’t apologize to you because you don’t have all the technological gadgets your peers do. I am not sad that we can’t buy you your own car when you turn sixteen, or that you are saving your money to buy a special thing you’ve been wanting.

From my observation of the world these forty years, this will help you, not harm you.

Gifts are nice when they are gifts, but they can be too much. So much that you forget, and take for granted, and become ungrateful and feel entitled.

I love you too much for that. I praise God with the psalmist for having “neither too little nor too much”. I thank Him for daily bread and I want you to grow up doing the same.



I want you to find contentment in simplicity, looking to the relationships around you for your deepest joy.
And I want to thank you SO MUCH, that you prefer people over prosperity. Lots of people worry about our younger children taking something away from our older ones, but not once have you worried about that.


You have reminded us that they add something to your lives. While the others worry, you’ve even asked for more siblings…oh the purity and rightness of a child’s thoughts! That we would be able to think like you do!


Gratitude is so easily robbed in our culture! We live the largest irony in stating that “money doesn’t make you happy” and then sacrificing our lives to disprove our theory.

So, I pray this Thanksgiving season that you would hold on to gratitude. Be thankful for every sunrise, every warm bowl of soup, every night your Daddy comes home, for every clean item of clothing in your closet, for peace, when others are at war….be thankful, and even if it were all taken away, tune your hearts to say, “Blessed be the name of the Lord!”

















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17 Responses

  1. Can I copy 6 arrows? 🙂

    Kelly this was just beautiful, made me tear up! Also, you’re family is just beautiful! You’re daughter pictured second from the top looks so much like Bria.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. Wonderful good post Kelly. A hearty Amen. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your fam. Great is our Lord and worthy to be praise!!

  3. Oh how I love to hear of other like-minded people of God! It blesses my heart and confirms things I already know but am so often reminded how saturated the world is in other ways of thinking! I pray your family has a beautiful Thanksgiving and that you will always have the joy of the Lord as your guide!

    Thank you for your post!

  4. Absolutely beautiful and wonderful words of wisdom. Thanks so much for sharing from your heart. May your children rise up and called you blessed.


  5. One of my favorite posts of yours, Kelly — very nice to revisit it. And now you’ve got your little man Kaid, too…

    …and I find myself thinking about that exchange we had at the top of the comment section two years ago, wondering… 😉

    Praying often for you, my friend. Thanks for this reminder. Blessings to you and your family on Thanksgiving.

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