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June Fuentes, from A Wise Woman Builds Her Home has written an extraordinarily practical, wise book about all things building a Christian home culture. For the mom who already understands building her home and the power of her influence, the book is an excellent shot in the arm, jarring us from our daily doldrums.

For the new mom, or a mother just beginning and desiring to understand how important her role is in building a Christian home, June’s book is packed with encouragement but also practical ideas about how to do it.

In a culture that treats home as merely a stopping place for people to eat and sleep, How to Build a Strong Christian Home is a much-needed clarion call for the church, the family and the Christian community, to reestablish the foundation of Christian culture. If we are to ever see the transforming power of Christ’s work in our churches and communities, we must first ignite it in our homes.

Get your copy of  How to Build a Strong Christian Home (#2 on Amazon’s hot new releases in Christian Family!) for $4.99!



Included in the book:

  • The State Of The Home
  • A Multi-Generational Vision: Leaving A Legacy
  • The Exquisite Home Culture
  • The Imperfect Home
  • The Important Role Of Parents And Their Example
  • Discipleship, Shepherding Hearts, And Teaching The Word Of God In The Christian Home
  • Education In The Home: Purposeful And Powerful Kingdom Conversation
  • Preparing Your Home: The Influence Of A Godly Atmosphere
  • The Influence Of Entertainment
  • Making Memories In The Kitchen & Gracious Hospitality
  • Serving On A Mission Together As A Family
  • The Foolish Woman Tears Down Her Home
  • Guarding The Home
  • The Secret To A Happy Home Life
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