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My all-time favorite gift to give that is both extremely inexpensive as well as useful and personal is personalized stationary made on your computer. I bought a 50-pack of blank note cards using a 40% coupon at the price of $4.49. I made 7 sets out them bringing each gift to a price of $.64. That does not include ink, however.

Here are a few I’ve done this year:






Vintage, Owl Pendant Necklace: $6.79







Bronze Owl Pendant Necklace: $3.99






I bought these earrings on Ebay for $6, including shipping. That’s $.17/pair.

I boughtI fd





I hope you are encouraged that even on a very small budget gifts can be affordable.

And for last minute gifts for those so hard to buy for, I just ordered these FABULOUS ornaments from This One’s Mine Designs! I found out after ordering, this sweet lady is a widow, left to raise her six children. I’m thankful the Lord led me to support her.

You can order some too here, if you hurry!

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  1. Thanks Kelly. My mom is so good at sending cards, she goes through them often. I’ve made her homemade cards before from “leftovers” from scrapbooking but do not have the time this year. I still have blank cards with envelopes from when I made them for her then. How do you go about designing the cards? We have a great printer so not worried about that.

    Also, thanks for the link yesterday on the DVD about bible memory. Plan to get that soon!

  2. Though some may shake their heads at the idea, we shop a lot at thrift stores for Christmas presents. One year, trying to keep costs down, I went into Good Will with my list, and found a nice gift for everyone whom I was looking for one. Nice blouses for my mom, pj pants (with the tags still on!) for my brother, a heavy stainless steel fry pan with a glass lid for another family member. And all kinds of assorted puzzles, games, etc for the children (at .50 a piece!). The other thing I like is the fact that shopping for gifts at thrift stores allows me to sometimes buy better quality merchandise than I could afford new. For example, I have found really expensive name brand clothes that would be completely out of our price range if purchased at the mall, that were pennies on the dollar at a thrift store(like Woolrich sweaters, or all leather rockport shoes, hardly worn etc.) It wasn’t a gift, but lately my hubby needed a new cell phone clip so he can carry it on his belt, and I found one in the wallet/purse bin at Good WIll for a buck or less, and it was leather, in pristine condition–at least a $9-10 purchase brand new. God has supplied sooo many of our needs or wants this way, and I like being able to find a gift that someone wants and can use(even used), than just spending scads of $ just to spend it.

    1. Laura,

      I agree with you so much as we have found so many treasures there as well. In fact, I have a post idea I’d love to do about how we need to get over the stigma of “used clothing.” Because, once upon a time, “used” was used. Now, it means “I may have worn it once, or tried it on and didn’t like it, or maybe not at all.” It’s silly that we spend so much money on things that can be bought at a fraction of the price with little difference in the condition.

    2. Laura,

      I agree. This year I was able to get my sister in law
      a lovely mug from Germany from Goodwill. She lived in Germany for 3 years, so it was very much appreciated.

      I also check out their baby clothes area. There are usually a few pieces with the tags still on. I buy these and put them in my gift storage box, so when a friend has a baby shower, I have a high quality gift that I only spent a dollar or 2 on.

      I wanted to mention, linked to the Owl pendant on amazon (same seller maybe? In the “other people also bought” section) is a peacock clip that I purchased for 85 cents. I have VERY thick and wavy hair, and it holds it like a charm. The quality is really high. There is also a matching peacock bracelet and necklace, and the three together can make quite a special present for someone for about $5.

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