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  • “And that’s what I’m saying now to our own society of hypocrites; our culture of cowards; our nation of traitors who bat not an eye at the mass murder of the innocent. Either outlaw infanticide in all of its forms, or don’t outlaw it in any form.” Read the rest of  Matt Walsh’s It’s Time to End the Stigma of Infantacide
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  1. Ok, this really has nothing to do with your post but I don’t know how else to get a timely response. I am possibly being faced with submitting to my husband’s desire for me to work outside the home (at the advice of his parents)to help us catch up on our finances. We are behind on pretty much everything. It would be short-term he says (but we haven’t been known for our financial stewardship, so I dont know if that would pan out). We have two children, and one of them would have to go to public preschool(currently homeschooling, much to the dismay of my inlaws) if I were to get a job. The other would stay with my MIL. This tears my heart apart. I keep reading that wives should submit to their husbands desire for them to work outside the home……but then of course if a husband asked his wife to do something sinful or against scripture, then we are usually admonished to obey God instead of the husband. For instance, the Titus 2 admonition that we should love our husbands and children, be self-controlled, pure, keepers at home, kind, and then of course, obedient to our own husbands. Would these same women who tell us to obey our husbands when they command us to work outside the home, say we should obey them if (for the sake of the argument) they commanded us to be impure, wild and careless, unkind to someone? Why is being a “keeper at home” the only one of those in the list that women say we should obey no matter what? Am I making sense? I’m really not trying to find a loophole on how to get out of working outside the home (ok, maybe I am) but I truly just want to know! I want to honor God. I want this confusion to be resolved in my mind. It just seems like a double standard. Why are they all in the list together? Shouldn’t they all be possibly disobeyed for the sake of submission, if one of them is seemingly permissable to disobey? I guess I just struggle with that line of obeying God or obeying my husband in a tough situation. I’ve never struggled with submission like I have this year. My husband seems to have no desire for the things of God. I know that’s not an excuse to throw in the towel on submission. I just hate that I’m struggling so much with this. I appreciate your godly counsel.

    1. My heart breaks for you Kari. I just wanted to say I’m praying for your family. And I wondered if you had shown your husband ways that you would be willing to cut expenses and save money while being at home. Sometimes it helps to see on paper ways you can save by being at home. Cutting out eating out expenses, it seems like the food budget is one of the easiest places to cut money out, just by making simpler meals and cooking from scratch. If you had to you could maybe babysit someone else’s child, or another way to make money while still being home. Maybe by doing a budget and showing your husband specific ways that you could save while being at home and really let him know from your heart without being disrespectful to him, how important this is to you and the children. And go the extra mile to do things for him in your day that show you were thinking of him that you couldn’t do if you were working outside the home. Maybe you’ve tried all these…..but these things have really helped our family and I thought I would share just in case they might help you also.
      Your in our prayers,

  2. Kari, as a man reading your story, I agree with the comments Amy made about looking for ways to cut expenses, and she is correct about the food budget. Go through your receipts for a month, sit down with your husband and map out what you’re spending and on what. Cut all unnecessary spending out, particularly impulse buying. If you eat out 3 times a week, cut it to 1, and make it the same night each week, so it becomes part of your regular routine. If you have been historically unwise in your spending habits it will take some self discipline to make changes in your spending, but you can do it. I’d view working as a last resort even though my first wife worked as a teacher during our 18 year marriage. As Amy aptly stated, there are many other ways you can make money inside your own home. There are also other ways to save on groceries. Most all of the major chain grocery store are significantly higher on most of your staple items like bread, cereals, meats, etc. Places like Wal Mart & Target are much less expensive on the same items. Look at ways to save rather than spend. If you don’t know or have the answers, meditate on the issue and let the answer come to you, you will know when it comes.

    Lastly don’t lose sight of your faith. If you’re going to church make sure to give God “something” each week, systematically. You don’t have to tithe, the Lord will provide, that’s why it’s called faith. Best of luck to you and your family.

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