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Perhaps one of the most tragically overlooked purposes of the home is that of the very gospel—making disciples. John Piper, in This Momentary Marriage, speaks pointedly to this important function of marriage and home:

“Marriage Is Meant for Making Children . . . Disciples of Jesus

There is a double meaning in that title that I hope will help you remember the point. Marriage is for making children—that is, procreation. Having babies. This is not the main meaning of marriage. But it is an important one and a biblical one. But then I add the words disciples of Jesus. Marriage is for making children into disciples of Jesus. Here the focus shifts. This purpose of marriage is not merely to add more bodies to the planet. The point is to increase the number of followers of Jesus on the planet.”

I’ve written many times on this subject because I can’t think of a whole lot more important, more world-changing, than a parent’s command to disciple his children. “Let the children come and do not forbid them, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”, Jesus rebuked even His own disciples.

How do we disciple?

  • In every way, every day, in every circumstance. This is the powerful part of being with our children. From the time they wake, until they go to bed, the day presents a multitude of opportunities to bring them to the cross, to demonstrate God’s love and forgiveness, His holiness and His sovereignty, His authority and His goodness.

(From the beginning of time until only a few hundred years ago, it was ludicrous to think children could adequately prepare for life (much less be discipled) by spending most of their day with peers or anyone else besides the older generation; it was considered the only logical setting in which to pass down the wisdom and education that prepares for life.)

  • In the midst of strife (have you ever wondered why strife does seem to be more prevalent among family members?) we look to Scripture for how to deal with each other, with our own emotions and reactions, and day by day, we are slowly conformed to His image.
  • In the midst of trial, we look to Scripture for the proper responses, we gather together and petition the Lord for His guidance and help, and our faith is strengthened as we wait and watch for His provision.
  • We reach our hands to those around us, with our children, and “pure religion” becomes part of them.
  • Even in the most uneventful of moments, we point to creation and marvel, with our children, at the immense brilliance and imagination of our Creator, and we remind them that they, too, are a product of that brilliance, fearfully and wonderfully made. We teach them of their purpose in life and show them how they can use all the faculties of their being to glorify the One for whom they have been made.

What Did Jesus Do?

We, in essence, follow our perfect example. He walked, and talked, and taught, and lived and prayed and was always about His father’s business and all of it was pure discipleship. And His few, close disciples went on to start a fire that changed the world. That’s our goal.

What is evangelism if it doesn’t start with being faithful to fervently disciple our own children? Home: the center of the gospel that grows and burns and spills out to the world.

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  1. I’m so thankful for this series you’re doing Kelly! And I’m so grateful that the Lord impressed it upon my heart while my oldest was a toddler that I needed to be with him (and now my daughter too) regularly to impart the Lord’s ways to him. It has not been easy and my son (now 7) is frequently resistant to righteousness but the Lord is so patient with me as I seek Him on how to lead and disciple my children.

    Question: Do you have any blog posts on here re: wives seeking more children but husbands who are hesitant to have more for various reasons? I’m trying to seek wisdom about this and wondered if you could direct me 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Kim,

      Hmmm…I’ll search through but I’m not sure if I’ve actually done posts on that topic. My short advice is simply to pray, make your desires/requests/concerns known, and ask him to study, read and consider those. I’ve seen the Lord turn many husband’s hearts…it is not a rare thing 😉

      1. Thank you! I have been praying and will keep on praying 🙂 By the way, I also have another question but it’s a bit lengthy so I’ll send you an email. Thanks!

  2. Kelly-
    God truly uses you as a vessel to impart His wisdom onto others! I can’t even begin to tell you how VERY badly I needed to hear (read) this message today!

    Recently we lost our home to foreclosure and as a result had to move into a rental home. I had been very into animal rescue – having 8 cats/kittens & 2 dogs that I was finding homes for. Our new landlord is not animal friendly, which i can certainly understand, but it most definitely put me into a “spot”. I had to part with almost all of the animals – keeping only one dog & 2 cats that are all nearing the end of their lives and I just couldn’t bear to part with them when I knew they would quite possibly just be put to sleep due to their advanced years. Thankfully God provided for each one that needed a home – with the last one going to my mother the day we moved. I have felt so lost without being able to rescue & work with animals like I have in the past. My DH worked things out so that the landlord allowed me to keep the animals I couldn’t bear to part with….thankfully.

    I had thought that maybe this would be a good time to just focus on the family and maybe restart my working from home to help make a little extra cash to help make ends meet. But even the thought of that wasn’t “enough” to make me feel like I was doing the “right” thing. Then I read this blog posting and it finally *clicked*….my heart was in the right place but my focus was w-a-y off base. FINALLY I realize why I have been feeling this way. FINALLY I realize that my purpose is simply to be with my kids and focus on them. Making sure they have the love, education, and learn more about God’s love everyday – so that one day they can make the most important decision of their lives….to follow Christ.

    Thank you SO much! Blessings to you & yours…and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Very good series, Kelly…lots of words of wisdom and great ideas to contemplate, especially in this post. I enjoyed reading the whole series tonight 😉

    1. OK, so I should have said, “…the whole series *so far*”, as I see there is another post now, and a very good one it is 😉

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