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I’ll be the first to admit that I am not in the habit of continually giving thanks. It’s so easy to give thanks for the obviously good things in life: a gift, a promotion, an unexpected blessing…but I fear that I grumble far more than I give thanks.

Don’t we forget?

“And the people complained in the hearing of the Lord about their misfortunes, and when the Lord heard it, his anger was kindled…” Numbers 11:1

The worst part of that is, for most of us, that God not only commanded that we be thankful, but that we give thanks for everything, especially the trials.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,” James 1:2

And it’s very important to note that our “trials” often are quite benign in light of those this verse was aimed toward. The New Testament saints were being dragged off and beaten to death for their faith. Few of us can say we’ve suffered to that degree.

And yet we can still marvel that God counts our tears and cares about our suffering, even if it seems small to others.

I believe we can build a habit of giving thanks–for everything–to the degree our faith rests upon the sovereignty of God.

“I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages.” ― Charles Spurgeon

For in His sovereignty, we can rest, knowing that the harshest of trials are working for our good and His purposes. We only need a cursory glance across history to see this truth evident in the life of every believer.

It is my desire that our family really stops this Thanksgiving season, and begins to cultivate the habit of continual thanksgiving.

“Cultivate a thankful spirit! It will be to thee a perpetual feast. There is, or ought to be, with us no such thing as small mercies; all are great, because the least are undeserved. Indeed a really thankful heart will extract motive for gratitude from everything, making the most even of scanty blessings.” -J. R. MacDuff

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  1. Hi Kelly,
    I will admit that right along with you. I tend to grumble.
    I need to find the thanksgiving in ALL things.
    I am thankful for a God whose mercies are new each day. Amen!

  2. I have been challenged, to say the least, by studying the book of Philippians with a small group of ladies at our church over the last more than 2 1/2 years. We go S-L-O-W-L-Y 😉 and dig deep.

    I’m continually amazed at the truths I glean from that book. Paul is writing from prison, yet if you look at the first chapter, the references to joy, rejoicing, etc. far outnumber those about suffering. And when suffering is mentioned at the end of the chapter, it is in the context of how it, along with belief in God, are GIFTS! Wow! Very convicting. Would that I would live like I believe that!

    Paul’s thankfulness is so evident throughout the whole book, and reading it often acts as a much-needed reminder for me to live with joy and thankfulness like I know I should.

    I need all the reminders I can get, and your post is another good and gentle boost toward thankful living, Kelly. 🙂

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