Generation Cedar

She loves to sweep.

She hasn’t been told yet that “sweeping is mundane.”

Her untainted perspective still reflects the character of her Creator, even in the ordinary…especially in the ordinary.

Because real living is finding meaning in the prosaic.

I told her:

“Kyla, you know you aren’t just sweeping. You are making beauty out of chaos. You’re turning disorder into order. That’s because you have the nature of God.”

She smiled so big. And swept harder, and longer. She understands, at least for now, how we can glorify God in everything.

She doesn’t see the hindrance of dirt; she sees the small possibility to be like Him.


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  1. I read once about a little girl from a wealthy family who went to a Montessori school and all she wanted to do there was sweep the floor. (maybe she was not allowed to do it at home).
    I thought of the absurdity of that: to sweep the floor you do not need to go to an expensive private school. You can just do it at home, for free, learning to serve your family.
    Of course, Montessori schools do much more than that, but a good amount of their activities -as well as in Waldorf- are things that can be done perfectly well at home in a less artificial enviroment. And for free.
    Kyla looks like a very sweet girl. I do not know if my 2 rombocious boys would understand about making beauty out of chaos. they do not seem to notice the chaos…

  2. Okay, so I know I’m emotional today. (Politics have me completely on edge.) But this totally made me cry!! How beautiful, Kelly. Thanks for sharing the moment with all of us. 🙂

  3. I’m going to try telling that to my 9 year old. This could be THE TICKET to a clean play room! 😉 ROFLOL! (Just learned that one myself last week. My 18 yo says it’s ROFL. But I like the first one. The longer and more ridiculous, the better. ROFLOL. A.

  4. This year we decided to choose a scripture verse to be our motto for our family & homeschool. We finally decided on Colossians 3:23:

    Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. Colossians 3:23

    This post makes me think of that verse and that no matter what we are doing (even the mundane tasks), we are doing it for His glory!

  5. Sometimes it’s not the mundane that I struggle with the most, but the overwhelming. Ugh, my kitchen sink right now. Thanks for the encouragement to tackle it!

    And don’t I just want to do it with joy so that my babies will see it as a joy instead of a struggle!

  6. I printed this post and put it on my refrigerator thinking it would encourage my children. That night, I found myself alone in the kitchen, sweeping after all my children had already gone on to do other things. Just as I was giving in to self-pity, I looked up and saw Kyla’s smiling face with her broom! I laughed out loud and enjoyed cleaning my kitchen after that. Thanks for the reminder to do everything I do as unto Him!

  7. “you know you aren’t just sweeping. You are making beauty out of chaos. You’re turning disorder into order. That’s because you have the nature of God.”

    Love it! It’s going on my list of favorite quotes.

  8. This is so sweet!!! Thank you for this reminder and a wonderful way to bring that sweetness to our children. Those kinda things stick to you (even when you want to be negative and give in to the lie that all the little things don’t really matter.)

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