Generation Cedar

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  1. Glad to see you are back on here!!….This is so very cute…I remember those days…but they don’t do this at 14 anymore(my youngest)so laugh it off..I’m sure you do and Enjoy!!

  2. LOL! Brings back memories… 😉

    I hope Jax likes getting his hair shampooed. Not all of mine did when they got themselves in such a state! 😀

  3. What a mess those little men make! It constantly amazes me at how dirty my little guys can get…when they haven’t even been outside! My five-year-old daughter said to me the other day while cleaning up our 16month old son from lunch, “umm, Mommy, do I needs to just get da big, big towel from da baffwoom?” 😉 Messy, but precious!

  4. LOL Thanks for the chuckle. Your little one is just to precious. So what did he get into? Or tell you he got into?

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