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I have had to read my own eBook lately, which I think is sort of funny, but it proves that so often what we know to be true is not as easy to live out as to talk about. I have found that THE SECRET, in almost any area of life where improvement is desired, is simply staying reminded.

That’s why we devour article after article on saving money, being a better wife and mother, “how-tos” of all genres, though most of what we read isn’t new; it’s just inspiring–and it reminds us how to live.

As a mother desperately fighting for my children in a culture that is largely against them, I. need. reminded. Today God used a dear friend to remind.

Since last year’s storm, I have battled a number of emotions, the greatest of which is fear. I didn’t know how much so until last week, when storms and tornadoes ripped through our area again. Our family, along with two of the same families that endured the tornado with us in 2011, met again, in the same room in the basement of the house we are rebuilding, to wait out the storms.

I didn’t know how anxious I would be. And I certainly wasn’t prepared for what was coming.

As the storm approached, with all of us downstairs, the men ran up to secure our doors, not yet sealed. Because there are absolutely no trees anywhere around us now (the storm took them all for miles), it can be violently windy in the slightest weather.

But this storm brought 60 mph winds, exacerbated by the barren land. As we waited anxiously downstairs, we suddenly heard crashes from above, and then all the men running–literally–down the stairs. At the very same time the violent wind pushed through the only opening in the house–the doors–making a fierce, whistling sound I had forgotten until I heard it again. It was the same sound we heard just before the tornado took our house last year. The. same. sound. Running men. Crashing sounds. And for a brief moment, I…we all thought we were being hit again.

There are no words for the fear I felt, or that of my children. Hearts raced for hours, headaches pounded from the adrenaline, and the night held us in constant alarm as storms continued until morning.

But my friend…she spoke what was true. She reminded. I am a mother ushering children into this great big life, teaching them how to respond, how to love, how to trust, and how to know God. Despite my fears, I am obligated to point them to the one Who holds the storm in His hand.

I have to push through, conquer, immerse myself in the Word and fight, until at last, my heart is at peace with the God who gives and the God who takes away.

Thank you, Robin.

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  1. Praying for you Kelly. I can’t even begin to relate. I’ve never gone through anything like that. You braved two of these events by God’s Grace. And yet you continue to be an encourager.

  2. I am so very thankful that I have not been through a tornado. However, we have had them close to where we live and last year went through a storm with straight line winds and we thought it was a tornado. My children were terrified but we all kept praying through it. Looking outside and seeing trees flying down the street was so frightening. So I can almost imagine what you have gone through. Since that time last year, I have battled fear and anxiety when severe weather is expected. I am also learning to trust God and also to pray my way through it. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. This time of year can be nerve racking.

  3. Amen, friend. So thankful for God’s protection and that He is strengthening your resolve. You can do this!! I know the battle of fear and anxiety very well. You are His and rest in that. He is the One who calms the storm with one word…even the storm in your own heart and head.

  4. I heard about those storms and my first thought was you and your family and neighbors. I still think about/pray for the Lee family. (Could you update on how they are doing?)

    We are planning (only with God’s leading) a move to OK, and the tornadoes are a big concern to me, as we really don’t get them here & we at least have a basement if we were to, which they don’t have in OK homes.

    All that to say, I understand the fear thing and am encouraged by your post. So thankful for His protection over you!

  5. Teaching children how to love,how to trust,and how to love God!
    Perfect!!! I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be sitting in that basement again thinking it was all happening again.My prayers were with you.We very rarely get tornados here in Florida where I live.Only we have been through a couple of those but not recently.At least with a hurricane there is a warning.Life can be really hard at times..our kids need to know that in the midst of storms..whatever kind..that He is Always with us.Your children will never forget this..they will probably be stronger for it.It is our nature as moms to want to protect our kids from all the hard things in life.Life is wonderful and hard.Keep on keeping on in the midst of it all.I know that you do.You are an encouragement to me as I read this blog.I pray that you and your family have a Blessed weekend!!

  6. Kelly,

    How frightening! I’m so thankful the Lord brought you all through that safely. I love the way you share your experiences and what the Lord is or has taught you through them. It is always so encouraging to read your thoughts. Thanks for sharing and I pray that God will continue to teach you (and me) to continually rely on Him and rest in His peace! It was wonderful spending a little time with you and getting to know you a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for that opportunity! God bless.

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