Generation Cedar

“The eBook? AMAZING!!!!! It’s what you need, I guarantee it!” -Jennifer, Renewing Housewives

I’ve prayed over this eBook. And I’ve prayed over the women in whose hands it will land. I believe God will do wonders in your lives through it…I am praying for healing, and for renewed passion and stamina as you invest yourself into the next generation and change the world for Him.

“Just want you to know that I’ve only gotten to day 2 but I’m already feeling blessed!” -Kimberly

I know about the days when you want to give up. I know about feelings of helplessness as you face your failures day after day. But I also know about a resolve that can be planted in the heart of every saint to bear them up on those days and give them what they need to carry out the task to which they have been called.

Being a mom isn’t easy.  Sure, the blessings of motherhood are incredible and miraculous, but motherhood can often be a lonely, exhausting, thankless, confusing, guilt-ridden journey.  Kelly comes alongside mothers with her amazing ability to relate, and shares truths, quotes, stories, and LOVE to help make the journey a little less lonely.  Need an injection of hope and vision for your heart?  You’ll find it in this little treasure.” -Natalie Klejwa, Visionary Womanhood

That’s why I wrote this book. And because I have been there, every word pours from a knowing heart–a “comrade in the trenches”, as I have come to define it.

Devotions, Advice & Renewal for When Motherhood Feels Too Hard is your daily shot in the arm. Keep it close!

“I bought this book today and read the entire thing in one sitting. It refreshed my soul and refocused my mind on what is most important in life. Kelly offers some great tips for when you feel like you’re in survival mode.” -Hannah


Also available in the KINDLE edition!

“This eBook is Kelly’s “cup of cold water” to mothers. We all need refreshment and encouragement when the hard days come, and Kelly has provided bite-sized (but meaty and thought-provoking) daily devotionals that urge us to take our calling as mothers seriously but remember at the same time that we are vessels of clay in need of God’s filling. These words are true whether you are the mother of one or the mother of ten! Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your beautiful insights into the calling of motherhood “from the trenches!” -Jennie Chancey, Ladies Against Feminism

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  1. motherhood the most challenging, doing it all unto the Glory of God. (with Gods help, i can..but just putting the hand to the plow and not looking back, is pretty hard at the best of times)

    (was it comment here lol) ill do both.

  2. I have been very blessed by yours, Robyn and Kathys blogs . I have already started reading my e-book!! Wonderful encouragement . Thankyou for allowing the Lord to use your life and shine in a dark world. I have a question is there any way I can purchase this for others and have the link sent to their email to download ?

    1. I think the best way would be to send me the emails of the recipients you’d like to receive the book, and I can send it directly to them. SO glad you are being encouraged!!! That is joy to my heart.

  3. Kelly,

    What a treasure to share this e-book with others! I had the blessing of purchasing multiple copies and sharing this dose of encouragement with 6 other Moms… who lives in Scotland!

    May you continue to glorify the LORD, my friend!

  4. Kelly,
    I just read my comment. Remind me not to type and look for ski pants for my children at the same time. 🙂 I hope you understood what I was trying to communicate in the previous comment! ((hug))

  5. Is this book published in a hard copy print anywhere? I would like to give it to someone, but they don’t “do” computers.

  6. I purchased 6 copies and am sending them to 5 women. One Im just going to print and send to a friend who has no internet of computer if that is ok . Praying for you gals upcoming conference . I would so love to be there:)Its beautiful to see the Lord changing mothers hearts and families accross the country.

  7. I just read the whole eBook and was very encouraged! Did you plan releasing it on a Monday on purpose?! Mondays are my worst days and this was just what I needed… I’m totally in the trenches of depression over how HARD motherhood is. Thanks for the $1 deal. I purchased one for my friend and sent it to her.

  8. Thank you so much Kelly for offering your book for just $1. With the exchange rate in my favour it actually cost me less than a dollar, just 96 cents Australian and it downloaded in seconds. From perusing the first few chapters I can see that you have chosen not to just pad out your book with inspirational quotes or flowery language about motherhood but you give practical everyday advice – what to do now in the midst of days that could otherwise overwhelm us and that I believe is what will help mothers the most. Sometimes it is the simple things we forget to do – like smile or step outside for a few moments. The only advice I might not try at the moment is to run barefoot through the grass… too many leeches and it is snake season!

    1. Ann,

      Thank you so much for this feedback! There is always a lot of anxiety at the onset of a new project as I hold my breath and wait for feedback…I want SO MUCH for this book to be a real, living change in their lives. Thank you!

  9. Hi, i just paid for this via Paypal using e-check. Can’t wait to obtain a copy of this and read this…but don’t see a link to where i can download it. Can you or someone help me please?

  10. Hi! Just bought your ebook while on my phone and it won’t let me download. I’ve never bought an ebook before so I’m not familiar with how it works but is there a way to open it on my computer even though I ordered it via my phone? Thanks! 🙂

  11. I believe this offer is valid until 8am CST if I am reading correctly but when I click on the link it shows it for $4.97. It is currently 7:45am….I know I am cutting it close but should it not be $1? I am going to buy it but I’m wondering if I did something wrong? Thanks,

  12. Hello! I wish I’d been able to see this yesterday! My internet was down and the kids kept me busy busy! Of course, no excuses, I missed the deal, but I’d like to get the e-book somehow… I see it’s only offered for kindle, but I don’t have one. Anyway, I’d appreciate any feedback or notice if there’s another sale for this. My three kids are 3 mothts, 2 and 4, so I need all the encouragement and guidance according to God’s ways that I can get. Thanks!

    1. No, it’s not just the Kindle version…if you click “add to cart” it will give you the pdf version…sent to you email box to be downloaded to your computer…sorry that was confusing!

  13. Just got your book today and have ready into the first chapter and have been immediately encouraged and convicted all at the same time 🙂 I’m really looking forward to your book as the last few weeks I think I’ve told God more than enough that my job is too hard (as my most recent blog post indicates!) so your book release is perfect timing. Great job! 🙂

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