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The Lord has awakened, it seems, a tremendous passion in the hearts of His people for adoption. More and more Christians are seeking to answer the call of caring for the orphans, the most fundamental command of Scripture, through many different avenues, whether adoption, helping a family adopt, or just meeting the immediate needs of someone in front of them.

You could, right this minute, help change an orphan’s life forever…keep reading to find out how.

Our friends, who have adopted three African/African-American children, have, as a result, had a whole new world open up for them as they care for children, with no expectations, in their path, for as short or as long a time as they are needed…a simple, organic, caring for the fatherless. Their simple obedience inspires.

The Wintons recently released the wonderful movie, Rescued, a heart-warming, convicting documentary that challenges believers to really put their faith in action. Go watch the trailer now!

“Not everyone is called to adopt”, Valenti said, “but everyone is called to care, in some way, for the fatherless.”

It is not difficult to find such opportunities. As more and more families seek to rescue an orphan into God’s marvelous light, demonstrating the most basic story of the cross and redemption, many of them desperately need our help. If we aren’t adopting, couldn’t we at least help someone adopt?

Right after I previewed the movie, Rescued, which I recommend everyone see, I “met” Angel Daniels. Her family is trying to reach their adoption goal to rescue a little boy or girl and, spreading the word on the Internet, they are hoping to reach their goal. If everyone gave as little as $5.–.so little to us and so big to them–it could mean the difference in a child’s life for eternity.

You can read here about why the Daniels are adopting and then pray and ask the Lord is He would have you help this family.

“Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.” James 1:27

Help the Daniels now!

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  1. Love this!!! I can say that the Daniel’s are our friends and we love them so much!! Owen in the preaching elder at our church and we have learned so much from him! Angel is a wonderful help-meet for Owen and does so much for the church body as well as her family! I pray many will read this and help! We can’t wait to meet the newest Daniel’s member!

  2. Kelly – Thank you for promoting RESCUED and for encouraging others to help the Daniel’s family. Our husband’s are elders together and it has been a blessing to work along side of them. It has been special watching their family prepare to bring another little one into their home. Thank you for desiring to help them. xoxoxo

  3. Thanks so much for posting this, Kelly! This family is friends of ours, and I am constantly witnessing how they take seriously their responsibility of family discipleship, along with an abundant amount of love and laughter…I pray a dozen orphans find a home with them!

  4. Adoption is near and dear to my heart. It is true, that while we are not all called to adopt, everyone can have a part in caring for the fatherless. And it’s not only with international adoption, which is the most expensive. Our own children were adopted from the foster-care system and that costs nothing. Adoption is a wonderful thing!

  5. Yay adoption!
    One of my best friends in the process of adopting foster children and my husband and I are going to support them by getting fingerprinted so we can help babysit during the foster period. There are lots of ways to help!

  6. Hi Kelly,
    Hope you guys are doing well. We adopted a precious little one two years ago and are about to start the process for another adoption. He is a joy to our entire family – and has many moms and dads in the form of much older siblings. We recently moved from FL to AZ and since we got here we have met some beautiful friends. Linny is the author of the blog A Place Called Simplicity. They just kicked off their orphan ministry International Voice of the Orphan. There is a lot going on over there (, but the reason I am writing is about one particular section called Elijah’s Hope ( I always hesitate to ask others to ask for money via their blogs, because I know that we all have things that are near and dear to our hearts and you probably get a multitude of requests to help with someone’s fundraising. All good things, but the choice of how to use your blog for fundraising is yours alone. Elijah’s Hope is a little different, so I am asking without reservation for help from other bloggers. You can read Elijah’s story yourself, but basically you can “adopt an orphan through prayer.” There is NO cost involved and IVO will match you with a particular orphan, you will get a photo and updates and your responsibility is to pray for that child to be found by their forever family. It is so exciting and I think something that everyone can do. If you feel comfortable, would you be willing to talk about Elijah’s Hope on your blog? Thank you so much.

  7. Adoption stories are so neat to read! What a blessing when children are adopted by loving Christians! Though my husband and I have only biological children, we are also blessed with many nieces and nephews, seven of whom are adopted, the most recent one having a “gotcha!” date of just a couple months ago.

    When I think about the circumstances that these children came out of, both physical and spiritual, and the process by which they came into their forever families, I am just in awe of God’s loving providence on all His children, wherever they are. One of my nieces from India, for example, was found living under a tree, raising her younger brother and sister alone, none of them older than ten. Through God’s mercy and provision, they were taken to an orphanage, where they were later adopted by two couples (the younger two to one couple, and the oldest to my sister-in-law and her husband some time later). Thanks be to God for not only the physical protection He provides, but also and most importantly His loving spiritual adoption he gives through Jesus!

    Thank you for this most uplifting post, Kelly! I will commit to praying for the Daniels family and other adoptive families who have commented here on this post…I found very inspiring adoption stories on their blogs, too!

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