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When I heard Kevin Swanson say, “God has given us a curriculum…it’s Proverbs”, my spirit resonated with that seemingly simplistic statement. That doesn’t mean we need to toss our math and grammar books, it means if we are teaching math and grammar without a thorough teaching of the Proverbs, we are not giving them the tools they need to be truly successful.

That’s because Proverbs is the book of wisdom–the “secret” to life and whether our children will do well at what they put their hand to or not. “Wisdom! Get wisdom!” the Proverbs screams. Why would we clamor to get our academic ducks in a row but neglect this principal thing?

Swanson has made it easy to teach through the book of wisdom with his 3-book series, the Proverbs Study Guide.

Our family uses this in our devotion time, but it could easily be implemented during school as well. I love the simple, short yet thorough explanations Kevin gives of each verse of Proverbs. He ends the lesson with questions for discussion, as important as the lesson itself.

Containing everything from how to handle finances to political and social ethics, we simply cannot neglect to teach our children these most essential life lessons from the Word of God.

The Book of Proverbs Study Series comes highly recommended from this family!

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  1. We’ve been using these for a while now and have loved them! We were not raised in Christian homes and for a long time did not do any sort of family worship or devotions. We weren’t even sure what a Christian home looked like until we saw some things modeled by godly friends we knew and respected. We then started (with fear) doing family first just reading the Bible without discussion and then praying. Then we started using these guides and adding singing. These guides have been a huge help to my husband for both explaining the passage better (he brings up things we might not of thought of saying) and for the family discussion questions. This has helped us to better see how to talk with our kids about various topics not to mention the Proverbs are great at tactfully bringing out things such as purity, adultery, etc. Rock solid..nothing corny here!

  2. You’re so right Kelly, without the fear of the Lord the proverbs tells us that there is no wisdom and from wisdom comes knowledge and so we have generations of “educated” fools (as the Bible describes.) Thanks for the rescource.

  3. Definitely adding these to the list of education tools I want to start accumulating. I see recommendations for so many wonderful study helps like these; I just hope I can remember all of them by the time my kids are old enough to start some kind of formal homeschooling. I have a feeling the archives on your blog will be a huge reference for me when that time comes đŸ™‚

  4. Really great and needed reminder! Probably won’t get the books (other things require $ first), but will remember to go over proverbs daily. Much needed.

  5. I bought that set a few months ago and haven’t started using them yet… good to know they are worth it:-) We have to finish what we are doing now before starting these!

  6. Wow, great minds think alike. lol. We just started a study in Proverbs that I’ve put together for Bible class in our homeschool. We’ve just been going through a passage (starting in Ch. 1), and reading it, and picking it part (on the level for 7 & 8 year old boys). They seem to enjoy it and I think it is so important. We’ve studied Solomon in our regular Bible curriculum, so it was a natural follow-up to do more of Proverbs than the few our curriculum offered.

  7. When my son was small, he came to a plateau in his reading. I knew he could become a fluent reader at that point, but it seemed he lacked motivation. I tried hiding raisins in funny places, writing out on slips of paper where they were hidden, and having him read them and find them, and of course, eat them! But it still wasn’t really helping him make that progress that I knew he could.

    It was family devotions with the book of Proverbs that motivated him and took him to fluency. He wanted to take his turn to read just like Daddy and Mommy and Big Sister. And we didn’t even have a large print Bible–just a regular KJV in regular-sized print. I loved that God’s Word motivated him.

    What precious memories.

  8. Just received the 3 Proverbs books and can’t wait to get started. My husband and I are going away this weekend and I will be taking these and he and I will be preparing to begin on Monday!


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